Wednesday, May 31, 2006

which feet are your "fwip fwops" on?

what is cuter than little feet in flip flops that just happen to be on the wrong feet? The reply I got when I told Bella her flips flops were on the wrong feet. THe conversation went something like this: Mommy: Bella do you know you have your flips flops on the wrong feet? Bella: Huh? Fwip Fwops on wong peet? Mommy: Yeah your flip flops are on the wrong feet. Bella::: looking COMPLETELY ANNOYED:: ugh ughnnn fwip fwops on Bedda's peet!!!!

Can you say AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

GREAT AMERICAN SCRAPBOOK CONVENTION WHEHWHEH Im so excited, nervous scared etc all at the same time. It is crunch time. I dont have all my supplies to make my kits (AHHH) we are having a HUGE garage sale this weekend to pay off bills with (AHHH) and we leave Tuesday for Mississippi to pick up Carrie at Mspaperarts then drive to Arlington Texas with a trailer full of stuff (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) NAHHH Im not stressed. IT IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN AND ICANNOT WAIT TO MEEET ALL THE PEOPLE on my list of people I wanna meet! What an awesome opportunity she and Scenic route have given me! Im so blessed and happy (and nervous and well just read that first line again) SOoo Im gonna go price stuff now. I am waiting on a few emails and some paint to dry and then IM OFF to work on Garage sale crappola again. HOW IS YOUR DAY TODAY? get any scrappin done? I GOT THIS AWESOME BOOOK BY TRACY WHITE (she is on my list of cool people to meet ya know) and OMGawesh It is so awesome! I wanna go take pictures now! She is so inspiring and totally makes sense on how to take better photos.. now I just gotta do it! Poor Bella she is gonna be running from me again while I snap photos of her. :::sigh::::

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bella LOVES to go fwimmin. She had a blast at Aunt "biz's" fwimmin pool" she grinned larger than her face would let her. She laughed she shot water guns at Greyson. (she would say COME MEYAH RAYSON SO BELLA CAN CHUTE EWE") SHe had a big time. NOW she is wanting us to get a fwimmin pwool" I told her that was AUnt Liz's special thing for her house we didnt need a swimming pool. She told me " well I wanna go aunt Biz's house den." I told her she is going to go back for a whole week while mommy is gone to Arlington. She replied OK, You weeve da pwool at aunt biz's house for Bella go fwimmin" I guess she thought the pool was going too. IT is amazing what goes through a 3 year old mind. We are getting ready for a HUGE pay off da medical bill and other bills garage sale lol. I have a TON of stuff kids stuff if someone needed things for a little girl THEY WOULD BE IN HEAVEN at this garage sale cuz we have everything. I really think we do. I have sorted stuff till Im sick of it. BUT much much more to do. Im going to hit it hard this evening when it cools off some IT IS WAY TOO HOT out there right now. I have been cleaning out closets today and bellas is the major one. Kids stuff seems to be the hot item and WE HAVE TONS of outgrown clothes toys and books. I have a few scrapbook things that will be in there too but mainly it will be kids stuff. Ok IM OFF to price things hOpe you had a memorable memorial day and took a few minutes to think of the loved ones in the service that are fighting for our country and the rights of others right now. I know they miss their families and we could never repay the debt we owe to them. My hat is off to them and a BIG THANK YOU TO THEM TOO!

Monday, May 29, 2006


NEVER DID THOSE WORDS SOUND BETTER THAN THEY DO TO ME RIGHT NOW! I am so stinkin happy to be home. My sister in law and nephews have this thing.. it is called a ferrett. Yall know what they are. YEAH YEAH YEAH it is cute as long as it is over there~~~~~~>X I have discovered IM ALLERGIC to the freaky beast. OBVIOUSLY it has been in the bed of my nephew where I slept cuz all ont eh backs of my legs and arms where my boxers and t shirt werent covering is a tiny prickly rash... and it is just on the back not front too so it has to be contact.... AINT IT LOVELY. THIS thing looks like a weasel/ rat. It likes to bite your feet. and my daughter loved it. It woudl scamper like a stoned slinky all over the house and steal stuff YES WE FOUND my daughters baby doll in the cabinet her shoes inside the couch and who knows what else is missing.THINK I will stick with dogs. THE court thing for my friend went ok. IT was scary. YALL PRAY FOR HER PLEASE she has alot more to go through and THIS MAN IS well HE NEEDS alot of prayer too. COntinue to pray for our extended family please Death is a hard thing to deal with and some of them are not dealing really well. I mean taken so young IT is hard. BUT KNOWING her .. she is the most beautiful angel in heaven right now. so that is all for me today

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taylor rules





I used your photo for the challang in a layout! aren't cha proud? Yeah I figured youw ould be. I think it looks more like she is falling than a tilted photo.. but HEY IT was my first time be gentle hehehehe

the journaling is just mushy stuff talking about how she is now a little lady and growing up so fast and I want her to walk slower through our lives so we can savour each moment.. you know all that kinda mushy stuff she can read later and roll her eyes at.

Ms paper arts closing :(

WELL I don't believe it BUT I KNOW it must happen IM sad but Im happy IM mixed in emotion. Mississippi paper arts.. the physical store is going out of business.... I knew it was going to happen. SHe is pregnant and going through alot right now and she just can't do it all. SHe wants to focus on the web business and make the web site rockin and get the store hoppin'. I support her completely. Plus she needs to be home with her kids and the new baby coming. The dr is putting her on bed rest and it is hard to run a store from a bed behind the register. IF I didnt live in Alabama I would run it for her. Heck I even thought of buying it myself but I know physically I just cannot do it. My health goes through goods and bads and I know the stress and I DONTWANNA. SOOoooooOOooooooo.... IM gonna do her last blast crop for her. I have to be up there anyway with all the family stuff that has been happening (and what else do I have to do these days) Bella and I are leaving in the morning. We have to help carrie with some stuff anyway so why not let the grammas REVEL in their joy of seeing the grandbaby and me stay out of their hair and at my one true love. Mspaperarts. YES her online store is gonna stay open and YES she will still do conventions and YES the online site will still be rockin as usual. JUSt there wont be a physical store anymore. SO YOU MIGHT wanna check out her site she has SOOOO MUCH STUFF marked down IT IS INCREDIBLE! check it out at just tell em nancy sent ya ;)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"jeanne" Challenge

Well, This is as close as I could get to a crooked picture for you. She wanted her picture made but WOULD NOT BESTILL. SO this is gonna have to work for this week. She is such a mess. BUt always looks so sweet and precious in those pearls and bows. (of course like her mother hahahaha)

Little girl in pretty dresses and wrinkly noses

How could you not just love this face! WE were all set for church she says TAKED MY PITTFUR mommmeeeee! SO of course I coudlnt resist that! THis is just one shot BUT I LOVE how her little nose wrinkles when she is giggling. Nothing sweeter than little girls in pretty dresses with bows in their hair and pearls. I dress her up while she lets me... I know it wont be long she will not be so thrilled haha.


Saturday, May 20, 2006

creating the monster.. or at least contributing

have I created a monster or what... I was going to take pictures of her helping me set out our tomatoes when she said her infamous like "bella be wight back" that can never be good. Instead she comes back with HER camera. Its a princess camera doesnt take real pictures but we can pretend right? I laughed my heart out at how stinkin cute she was squatting down like I do to get on her level and take pictures. and her UNMATCHING CLothes were the perfect touch because they were all her favorites.... for that day anyway. SHE LOVES those flip flops. Wants to wear them with everything. I jut cant help at grinning at these photos and cannot wait for the page to come. I forgot we have "last chance" photos for the church directory today (grrrrrrr) lovely after having shingles WOnder If I could just wear a bagover my head and body.... gotta go find something that fits. cant they just draw in circles and stick figures and sayit is us... we know what we look like. sigh...... now the hunt begins..w hat to wear. this ought to be fun.

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones SO what do you do... You have a death in the family... people act crazy.. You know you need to go in your heart you feel you need to pay your respects but... obstacles are in the way. I know he is right, my husband.. and my best interest is in his view. IT will be a huge "jerry springer episode". BUT what do you do. DO you sit here and feel the guilt they are throwing on you or do you stay busy. DO you find stuff to do. DO you try to play with your child to keep your mind off it. I have a dr apt. on monday (I forgot) with the rheumatologist. We have been waiting for this to get in. Every time i get upset.. hubby gets mad.. YOU have test to run monday DO you want to be like it was. IM SO sick of hearing how if I get upset or if something happens Im gonna get sick. YES I KNOW IT is true but how do you not be. Life is changing. Again.... I know if I get sick the things IM looking forward to wont get to happen. BUt this is family. How do you not Be there for family. I wasnt brought up that way. BUt I KNOW I KNOW alot has happend with family. SO much around this doesnt make sense. SO much around this is is weird (why do you send a picture of the car, I mean come on guilt me for not coming? or can I be takign it wrong and it just be their weird sense of dealing ) All I know is dont call me in the middle of the night with this. IM sorry its happening, but everyone cant deal with things the same way. I cannot go alone. I wont. Dont ya think we have dealt with enough! The whole situation is bad. I realise that and Im so sorry for them. I mourn her. Im gonna miss her. BUt I will make my peace with her. I will visit.. next week. I wont be by myself then. I don't deal with death. IT is impossible. My husband understands that he is here for the nightmares since daddy got killed. WHY cant they see that. IM sorry for being selfish on this one. BUT I will come just not today. I can't I cant deal with it. SO I will stay busy. I want to go I feel their pain BUT I just can't not alone. I will be there all the rest of next week but then I wont be alone.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Altered therapy

I made this box.. well I literally didnt MAKE the box it came from Hobby lobby but I altered it and the frame... the box, dont laugh was to put on the back of my toilet to hold well certain PERSONAL items a woman needs sometimes. I thought what a pretty way to hide such a thing. and the frame I had some paper left over and it was there so I said why not! Part of my altered therapy. Nothing gets you through difficult times like imagination and some paint and well a box. NOW I want to repaint the bathroom to match the box.... Reckon my hubby will go for that? Love you honey ::fluttering eyelashes::

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones TOday has been an awesome day well except for some drama, but the awesome is IM gonna teach in arlington at the great american scrapbook convention IM SO EXCITED. NOW I have to stay well until then NO GETTING SICK. I have to go to the dr and he has to say it is ok and then I can go so I have to be really good HAHAHHA
that is so hard for me to do. Im having a HUGE garage sale in 2 weeks so I can pay off bills and get this junk out of the house! Well I gotta go start planning these kits so I will sign off for now. IM SO EXCITED! also I mailed my project off to imagination project today yipeeeee!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones OK SO IM A GREYS ANATOMY NUT. AND IM crying my eyes out over the episode. I just loved DENNY! That elsucko's man! BUT YA KNOW I was so proud of ALex for scooping her up... and the mcsexy scene with mcdreamy and meredith OMG i was like HELLO! BUT CAN YOU BLAME HER I MEAN HELLO! OK OK enough about that my husband was going THESE PEOPLE ARENT REAL they are PAID actors YEAH YEAH YEAH whatever. I SO WANT THE SWEETWATER mcdreamy paper. OHHH ANDREA!!!!!!!!! that is on my list.... well I guess that is it for me tonight IM too depressed over greys anatomy BUT THEN LET ME PERK UP CUZ MY BASIC GREY RIBBON IS suposed to be coming in tomorrow which means IT WONT BE LONG NOW before I tie myself up in it... that pic can go with me layin in the paper huh.... Oh well. Cant help my crazy self

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones OK SO IM A GREYS ANATOMY NUT. AND IM crying my eyes out over the episode. I just loved DENNY! That elsucko's man! BUT YA KNOW I was so proud of ALex for scooping her up... and the mcsexy scene with mcdreamy and meredith OMG i was like HELLO! BUT CAN YOU BLAME HER I MEAN HELLO! OK OK enough about that my husband was going THESE PEOPLE ARENT REAL they are PAID actors YEAH YEAH YEAH whatever. I SO WANT THE SWEETWATER mcdreamy paper. OHHH ANDREA!!!!!!!!! that is on my list.... well I guess that is it for me tonight IM too depressed over greys anatomy BUT THEN LET ME PERK UP CUZ MY BASIC GREY RIBBON IS suposed to be coming in tomorrow which means IT WONT BE LONG NOW before I tie myself up in it... that pic can go with me layin in the paper huh.... Oh well. Cant help my crazy self

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones My little sweetie made me a card with glitter and planted some flowers in a styrofoam cup. She sang a her rendition of HAPPY MUDDUH DAY TEW EWW. I just loved it! I got to take a long nap this afternoon and watch Greys anatomy with no interuption tonight and I get to watch it again tomorrow night (it is continued) speaking of which OMGAWESH did yall see it tonight! Im bout to have a FIT! Denny cant die neither can burke THEY gotta do something quick! IM just sick over it. I was about to have a fit! Hubby said OH IT IS A TV SHOW. It is worse than a soap opera I LOVE that show. anyway.... IM just sick over Denny I was yelling at the tv for her NOT TO CUT IT! but they didnt hear me I GUESS. Im praying it is the cord to the tv instead. ... Maybe George will do a miraculous heart transplant or something on him I dunno... Im holding on till then but not patiently.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

I made these for my mother in law and for my Mother for Mother's day. THE little door opens and it has updated photos of Bella in it. (since shingles I DONT DO PHOTOS SORRY) THis was a kit I got from my friend Holly. Then I NancyJONES'd It up and made it mine. SO, well.. the paper is the same. WHEN HAVE I EVER FOLLOWED directions huh? Holly is an awesome scrapper/teacher. She gives me so much inspiration. SHe is like the sister I wished I had. OK nuff mush. I GOTTA GO GET READY TO CROP yipppeee (can ya tell I havent been gettin' out much!) Happy moms day to me!

its 5 am somewhere...HERE!

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones YUP it is 5 am and IM AWAKE. I get to go crop today. IM SO EXCITED. BUT Miss Bella bug has been up every couple hours well every hour for a bit there. coughing... she would be hot I woudl go check on her put her covers back on her.. then cough cough.. I gave her cough medicine.. she threw it back up at me... literally. OH the joys of being a mommy. (I wouldnt trade it for nuttin!) Have yall checked out yet? WEll its not because I havent told yall too! They have these AMAZING kits there. LOTS of talent there as well! check through the gallry you may see a familiar face. (muah you ask) Yeah I been floodin' their gallery. Jeanne will never recommend anything to me again hahaha. BUT IM Totally in love with this place. SO many cool folks so MUCH TALENT! IM totally impressed. THEIR KITS are amazing YOU HAVE TO GO LOOK.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Target finds

<~~This I found in a clearance bin back in the toy department!!!! It had dies with it an everything IT said it was on clearance for 35.00 but ended up being 30.00 when I got to the register. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ME!

My friend Wendi and I found these great storage containers that hang on the wall to hold our chipboard and embelishments. THEY ARE AWESOME to hole the Pressed Petals monogram letters. They dont get bent!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yeah she looks all sweet doesnt she? This photo is by David Carter Photography (also my neighbor also Uncle Dabid to Bella) HE IS AMAZING! I zoomed it in and did some playing with the colors he can get her to smile and poze like a pro. Yall should see the one we are getting for over the fireplace it is AMAZING! SO IF YOUR EVER in Mobile and need a photographer CALL DAVID Carter Photography THEY ROCK! (or as Bella says DAY WOP MAYAN!) (they rock man)


SHe cant get this from me IT HAS to be her father! SILLY KID CANNOT WAIT for the page to come with this one!!!

MY favorite page of late.. I LOVE this photo of Bella bug. I did a reverse color on it and added the aged newspaper filters then hand shadowed it with paint shop pro. I go the updates adobe photo shop CS 2 OMGAWESH what a difference it makes to your photos SO MUCH more you can do with it!


OK so my sink is haunted! THe sprayer hosey thing.. tonight just went ballistic on me spraying. IT looked like something out of a cartoon. I have NO CLUE why. I didnt even mash the thingy.. THIS IS the 4th I REPEAT 4th SPRAY hoser thingy we have gone through so WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? I think it is either the water in MOBILE is eating through is or the sink is haunted. It wants me to not go near it so I Humbly give in to not wash dishes hahahaha.. if it were so easy... MY Favorite new site you say? OH WELL YOU HAVE GOT TO CHECK OUT THE MEMORY SAFE! OH MY GAWESH they have got THE GREATEST kits I HAVE EVER SEEEEN for the money and an awesome gallery and message board group. HUGE talent there and an array of ages of the members. YOu have all kinds from mellow to crazy (like me) and some younger hipper people as well.. not that Im sayin IM OLD or anything but it is amazing that high school and college folks are into this thing too. We have so much to learn from each other and man there is alot of talent there. I have alot of projects coming up and some toots on the way IM SO EXCITED about. MY basic grey ribbon is DUE TO HIT MY DOORSTEP ANY DAY NOW IM SO excited as well as the other goodies I got on Nat'l SB day. Cannot wait to play! WEll Im off to finish my Basic grey canvas project for Mothers day. Wendi, Emily and Baby Bob came over this evening I was so happy to see them I missed them so much. Bob'o had some new tricks shakin his head no at everything he is sooo stinkin cute. and he loved my chicken and dumplins. THe girls had fun playing and Bella was once again traumatized by the Barbie Jeep.. I guess she will just have to grow into it I THINK the noise of it scares her. IF I can get my photos to upload Ill share some pics :) Gotta run HEr highness is screaming for MORE water SHE SOOO should be asleep by now!!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Suddenly Sunday

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones Hard to believe it is SUNDAY already. Time flies by so fast. DID anyone catch Greys Anatomy (my FAVORITE tv show ever) OMGawesh I laughed I cried IT was awesome. CANNot wait till the season finale next week it is gonna be so great. So what did you do for Nat'l Scrapbook day? I was in bed most of it but did some scrapping. I made some layouts and posted on some different boards. I won two contests at Scrappers Bliss (Yeah me) One by default but hey I WILL TAKE THAT! ITs a prize anyway lol I can't wait to see the goodies I get. SO tell me what you did for Nat'l SB day. DId you scrap? DID you scrap somewhere special? I cannot wait to hear all about it. Tomorrow is another day and I have lots of catching up to do so ... signing off for now.... IF your bored check out these places:GREAT SITE they have like a TV show going on there for scrapbooking! IT Is amazing Check it out!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones Has it been a week already!! GOsh time flies when your unconcious! I feel almost like a human today. I came across this new website I am loving!!! It is called scrappers bliss! Has some awesome layouts and some great gals there! so happy they let me post. Now they will think IM a stalker hahahahhaha no really HAHAHAHa kidding.. or AM I... yeah really. Hubby got me to watch this movie Stealth today.. Definitly a guy gig. I thought it woudl be good had the girl from 7th Heaven on it. It was really good But I got sick in the middle of it and had to bail. sorry honey! He said all was well in the end they got the robot taken over plane to chill and everyone was safe and it didnt blow up any more people....................... so I say K......... BELLA HAD A PERFECT POTTY DAY AT SCHOOL! THIS SO ROCKS! We did the Happy all hail Im the queen of the Potty dance! yeah it is an old song but she liked it. and we put on the boa and got some stickers out of mommys scrap room and our choice of supper tonight (spaghettie ala daddy O's) and she gets to watch her pick of movies tonight to torture I mean watch with us tonight. we are so proud.