Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bella LOVES to go fwimmin. She had a blast at Aunt "biz's" fwimmin pool" she grinned larger than her face would let her. She laughed she shot water guns at Greyson. (she would say COME MEYAH RAYSON SO BELLA CAN CHUTE EWE") SHe had a big time. NOW she is wanting us to get a fwimmin pwool" I told her that was AUnt Liz's special thing for her house we didnt need a swimming pool. She told me " well I wanna go aunt Biz's house den." I told her she is going to go back for a whole week while mommy is gone to Arlington. She replied OK, You weeve da pwool at aunt biz's house for Bella go fwimmin" I guess she thought the pool was going too. IT is amazing what goes through a 3 year old mind. We are getting ready for a HUGE pay off da medical bill and other bills garage sale lol. I have a TON of stuff kids stuff if someone needed things for a little girl THEY WOULD BE IN HEAVEN at this garage sale cuz we have everything. I really think we do. I have sorted stuff till Im sick of it. BUT much much more to do. Im going to hit it hard this evening when it cools off some IT IS WAY TOO HOT out there right now. I have been cleaning out closets today and bellas is the major one. Kids stuff seems to be the hot item and WE HAVE TONS of outgrown clothes toys and books. I have a few scrapbook things that will be in there too but mainly it will be kids stuff. Ok IM OFF to price things hOpe you had a memorable memorial day and took a few minutes to think of the loved ones in the service that are fighting for our country and the rights of others right now. I know they miss their families and we could never repay the debt we owe to them. My hat is off to them and a BIG THANK YOU TO THEM TOO!

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