Monday, May 29, 2006


NEVER DID THOSE WORDS SOUND BETTER THAN THEY DO TO ME RIGHT NOW! I am so stinkin happy to be home. My sister in law and nephews have this thing.. it is called a ferrett. Yall know what they are. YEAH YEAH YEAH it is cute as long as it is over there~~~~~~>X I have discovered IM ALLERGIC to the freaky beast. OBVIOUSLY it has been in the bed of my nephew where I slept cuz all ont eh backs of my legs and arms where my boxers and t shirt werent covering is a tiny prickly rash... and it is just on the back not front too so it has to be contact.... AINT IT LOVELY. THIS thing looks like a weasel/ rat. It likes to bite your feet. and my daughter loved it. It woudl scamper like a stoned slinky all over the house and steal stuff YES WE FOUND my daughters baby doll in the cabinet her shoes inside the couch and who knows what else is missing.THINK I will stick with dogs. THE court thing for my friend went ok. IT was scary. YALL PRAY FOR HER PLEASE she has alot more to go through and THIS MAN IS well HE NEEDS alot of prayer too. COntinue to pray for our extended family please Death is a hard thing to deal with and some of them are not dealing really well. I mean taken so young IT is hard. BUT KNOWING her .. she is the most beautiful angel in heaven right now. so that is all for me today

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Susie said...

Get some benedryl cream on the rash and I will keep on praying for your friend and for your family!