Thursday, November 30, 2006


WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITEd over at Scrap That Moment today! IT is the debut of "keepin up with the Jones'" I am so thrilled to be one of the Jones girls on this project.

I had so much fun creating my first page for this challenge to challenge YOU with! Our first challenge for you is: OUR BEST FEATURE.. what we consider our best feature to be and why... here is a look at the page I did for this along with the hidden journaling. NOW be sure and check out the site and the Keepin up with the Jones' blog and post your pages in THAT GALLERY for us to see. THERE WILL BE PRIZE incentives and RAKS given away so you never know! Here are two views with and without the hidden journaling.. You get the idea..This page is alot brighter and sparkly in person the scan just doesn't show it all up.. I am gonna have to try to photograph it IF THE SUN WILL COME OUT TODAY cuz it is pouring rain here....(still hot though)
The Hidden Journaling (behind the photo) says: My daddy always said My eyes said it all. If I had a good day, or a bad day. If I was telling the truth or telling a fib.. to try and not hurt his feelings.. of If I was being mean just to make him mad orI really meant it. If I was mad, or If I am happy... You can tell in my eyes, always. SO it is my best feature but also a curse. Like the saying goes "The EYES are the Window to the soul"
Patterned paper: My minds eye bohemian
Chipboard glitter letters K & Co Twinkle (in silver)
Sakura pens
Ki memories rub ons
Flair design rub ons
making memory chipboard letters
Heidi swapp chipboard letters
The cropadile punch and big brads
assorted ribbons from basic grey, and may arts
Rhonna farrer flourish stamps by Autumn leaves
colorbox fluid ink chalks (dark brown and mustard yellow)
deco scissors (yup I brought em back yall) try it ya might love it
FOnt is 2 peas yo yo
Be sure and go to SCRAP THAT MOMENT and post your challenge pages and comment on the others. There will be fun prizes given away and participation is KEY! SO have fun with us and show us you can KEEP UP WITH THE JONES' .... I dare ya! hehehehe

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good news/bad News

Well I wasnt gonna post this today being it was our anniversary and all but Im about to go to bed so.. I figured get it over with.
Went to the dr today did get my flu shot and pneumonia shot which was good they let me have it. BUT bad news .. Protein in my urine.... and if any of you that have lupus or know anything about lupus you know what that means... ITSSS baaaackkk well I guess it never really left but I thought the kidney thing was over. Scheduling more tests more crapp for after the first of the year.. don't wanna ruin the holidays. IF I go on the treatments now it could ruin the holidays for all of us.. especially Bella. I knew something was not right I had not been feeling well and so tired and just BLAH... can't get enough sleep which is SOOOOO not like me. But anyway... I know I didn't call everyone like I said I would and tell them what the dr said. Today was our anniversary and kinda wanted to not think about it. Be happy for a bit. Not that this is bad. Just means all the stuff isnt working and I have to go back on yucky medications and stuff again. Its a fact of life with living with lupus. More people have kidney involvment than any other organ.. it is the leading cause of transplant in lupus patients. As I get older it is just one of those things we will have to face reality and deal with as it comes. I thank God every day I was able to have Bella and I thank God I have such a wonderful husband that loves and supports me through sickness and in health. When most men would have headed for the hills he dug his heels in and wouldnt let me give up and Im today, on our anniversary, SO thankful to him and my family for all they do for me. Love you guys if I havnt told you lately. Thank you to my friends that always pray for us as well! You guys rock!
THIS IS NOT a bad thing not a sad thing... Not a death sentence and not a major cause for worry... , just a setback that well, we kind figured would happen. We will get more details in the coming weeks.. will take a while to get back in to the nephrology dept but my dr is optomistic they will see me quickly with me having been in before. He has a call in and they are to call me with my apts. Just gotta go back on the meds I hate and that make me all fat and gross but hey.. fat is better than the alternative huh.... Id rather be fat and with my hubby and little girl than skinny and the alternative.
A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JACI I totally forgot your birthday this past weekend and Im sorry You have full permission to beat me with wet noodles. haha. Happy birthday girly I hope you had a great day.

Here is to Jeanne as well I hope you are feeling better. I wish I lived closer You could pile up with me and bella and play x box SHe is getting pretty good at shrek! ROFL..
I have some layouts to post but not gonna tonight gonna go curl up with my hubby. NIGHT YALL! ;)

Happy Anniversary

Today is John's and My anniversary. 9 years we have been together. Seems like yesterday. Hard to believe 9 years has gone by. We have come a long way in those 9 years. Had some milestones and made it through some sad and some trying times.. together. WE have a beautiful daughter and alot of fun all of us together. How will we celebrate? Probably go to our favorite resteraunt and hang out at home. Bella is still running fever (we go back to the dr thursday is first appt avail grrr) and I have dr appts today too. Bella says she isnt sure what anniversary is but "can we have elmo cake?"

So, Thank you honey for 9 wonderful years, for a beautiful little girl and many elmo cakes in our future.
I love you and will today and tomorrow and forever.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

OK so we got up at WAY TOOO EARLY O CLOCK... and went shopping with the OTHER TEN MILLION people in mobile... BUT IM Happy to say IM ALMOST FINISHED!!! I just have to finish making the things I gotta make and pick up a couple more store bought things. Santa is packin up his sleigh people! ALl I can say is it will be a 12 dancing princess Christmas this year. Along with the year of electronics. I AM SO HAPPY I got online last night at midnight and got that portable dvd player and V smile thingy cuz otherwise... Id be still looking and spending ALOT more money. I really was fortunate to get some AWESOME deals today. I can save more money buying stuff than anyone I know (according to John Jones) The scrapbook store was on my list as well haha! I GOT MY CROP A DILE! IF YOU GUYS DON'T HAVE ONE OF THESE omg they are sooo rockin I mean they click so easily through stuff it is just amazing.. How did I live without that thing!!!! THe other coolest thing ever are the Paint Dabbers IM totally in love and when they are half off I AM IN HEAVEN. I loaded up on the ones I KNEW i didnt have and then I will get the rest as I can... IM wondering where I can find those bottles empty to dump my mm paints in... hmmm In quiring minds wanna know lol

NOW to figure out how to get this in the house where hubby and mini me cant see it... IM gonna be wrapping it tomorrow fast so they dont see it :)

Monday, November 20, 2006


MAN I have some catching up to do! Bella has been sick sick with the flu/bronchitis and I have been working nights on a special project that yall will see soon. :) Between the breathing treatments and her hanging from the ceiling fan afterwards.... ITS BEEN REAL FUN around here! (NOT)

SOI did get a page made.... ITs for a contest I entered for scenic route.
I know it is hard to see but I used some glitter all over the back ground paper on the flowers... but its not that noticeable so oh well...

I LOVE this picture of her being silly. I have Adobe Photo shop cs~2 so I used it to reverse color in the photo antique then add just a little center color back. so you get THAt exuberant happy feel when looking at it.

TODAY'S STM BLOG CHALLENGE IS: DId you ever have a job that was just FUN and what was it.


when I was 21 years old.

I worked at a western store. OH MY GOSH. Every time there was a rodeo in town..... wrangler butts everywhere. ALl the cowboys shopped with us cuz we were just about the only western store in town. GOt to meet a few celebrities as well. WE had a blast! we had a young crew I think the oldest was 25 so we were always clowning. OUR boss was a total goob (still is) and we had so much fun raggin on him and sneaking around.
ONe time our manager was off the entire day working on some stuff for us so to have this massive party that night and the big boss never had a clue. He thought he was in the stock room all day cuz we took a cowboy hat and some boots and put behind a screen. ONe of us would run back and beat on the walls and drop boxes etc so it sounded like he was really working hard.

OF course the next day we all piled in and did what he was suposedly working on and got it knocked out so he wouldnt get busted and OH yeah IT WAS A STELLAR PARTY!!!! ONe of my best friends and room mate both worked together and we always were playing pranks. WE all would hit the rodeos and the club on thursday nights and everyone would look to see what we were wearing .. the next day we would sell out of that outfit IT was hysterical. We used to joke we could wear kroger sacks and the next day there would be a rush on them. SO FUNNY how just cuz you worked somewhere everyone had to have what you were wearing..... if they only knew rofl. But anyway that was a blast I have so many memories ... playing football in the parking long cuz we all had to work on a holiday and NO ONE was open but us (he was such a weirdo) so we all went outside and played football. ONe time we shot bow and arrows in the store and the manager missed a pair of full quill ostrich ropers by like millimeters I think he crapped himself, but he wouldnt admit it (those boots sold for 800 bucks) The arrow was sitting there swaying in the door frame and we all just sank. We ran to the back to find some cauking to fill the hole and couldnt find any so, we used toothpaste. THe big boss kept saying Yall smell something like MINT and we would all crack up laughing. I didnt make much money cuz well we were all minimuim wagers but we had so much fun and are still friends to this day. I will never forget those days. I made enough money to pay my part of the rent and bills and that was it. we had like 6 girls living in that apartment so we could afford it. Man those were the days huh!

What about you? what was the most fun job you ever had?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

excitement comes with tears

Im so excited to say I have a publication coming up in an idea book. What makes it so exciting you ask? Its the first real page I have done on my dad's death. You all know the story... and know how hard it has been for me to start a book on it but that I want Bella to know the legacy behind him and how he died a hero. So for them to pick THIS page was huge for me. BUT, what really got me excited is well... That wasn't the page I submitted. I submitted a different page but all of you know my blog is attached to my signature so every email I send out... you get a link to my blog. WELL, this lady looked at my blog and asked me about this page. I told her I didn't know.. she asked me the story behind the page I told her. She asked to call me. So now It will be coming out in an idea book that will be released March 31st. The excitement of getting an idea book pub was overwhelming but I cried and cried because I dunno I guess just the fact of HOW hard that was for me. IT took me well 11 years to do a page and my first one... is gonna be in a book. Not a magazine that someone will throw away in a month or two.. but a book. ITs an idea book but I know I keep those for a long time. She told me how surprised I would be that if someone saw this page that is going through something difficult it may just inspire them to take the courage and face the pain and work through it by scrapping it. How can you say no to that?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the three letter word I hate most

so you wonder why I am up at 1:55 am? probably not.. Most of you know I would rather be up at night anyway. ONe because it is quiet. But, mainly cuz well the world is asleep and I can run around in my underwear un noticed, without hearing the screams of people saying "OMG IM BLIND NOW!" but then, that is another good plus. Don't cha think?
This is the one time that I dont hear that 3 letter word that I have grown to totally DETEST and wonder what the lord really used to do for enjoyment before I HAD BELLA. You know he is sitting up there eating popcorn with my dad going "watch this.. Your gonna LOVE this part" and I can envision them Hi^5 ing each other and sharing laughs.

But What is that, Nancy, You say? Wwhat 3 letter word can be that hideous that a root canal sounds better to you right now? hmmm Is there a word that is worse? Well if your a mommy you already know this and I shouldn't have to tell you and if your my mom you have already gone to pop some popcorn cuz this is one of THOSE moments you prayed when I WAS three years old would happen. TOuche' mom... BUt for all of you that are still wondering..Ill tell you.

ITS WHY. WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHY Not to be confused with just the singular why cuz it never happens once? It is like when the ice machine gets stuck and you know there are 900 more pieces of ice about to land on your kitchen floor. yup these are the days OF WHY....

I try to remember the days before why came to live at our house. I can remember sitting in the floor with the small child, I call mine (some days) and thinking OH will she ever utter a word out of that mouth of hers? Wwhat will she say? What is she thinking (we now know it was WHY!!)What will she want to know? And to the lords amusement he said haha GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.. as a teenager YOU THOUGHT you knew everything ... HERE IS YOUR TEST. Prove it!
Take this example

You go to say the local Hobby lobby. Your looking for something in particular. Mommy? Can I have... (whatever she sees in front of her face) No baby. BUT WHY? Because you dont need that? but why? You say"why? "why what?" why mommy? I want it.
I know you want it, but you dont need it?
Why dont you need it??!! well cuz you have 900000000000 other things at home just like it that I trip over.
::Getting a little irritated:: I dunno bella maybe cuz YOu dont pick them up..
::more irritated::I dunno why you dont pick them UP!! Its NOT CUZ I havn't asked you to... I think we should have your hearing checked or maybe I am talking to myself...

so I think for a second.. 1. How come her part of the conversation ALWAYS consists of BUT and WHY? and 2. WHY (there is that word! again) am I explaining all this. SO FINALLY it happens. You know that moment. The one YOU SWORE would never happen.That moment when your eyes cross and you have to literally hold the buggy tighter to keep from injuring said kid, with every bit of glare and control you can muster up inside of you in your most official like "Mommy" Voice . That rather than birds chirping and harpsacords playing the theme song to Psycho should come over the intercom system... You scold out the NONE OTHER PHRASE... ( you already know what it is don't you? yup cuz you have kids and you have been there and are laughing your butt off cuz you have done the SAME THING probably in hobby lobby too huh!) YOU exclaim "BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!"
AMidst the thunder (which is really my father and the lord himself ROLLING in the clouds laughing their wings off) You see this soft pouty face with the ordacity to look shocked stare up at you as if you just murdered a puppy and softly with a voice so angelic she replies:
BUt.. WHY?

I think visiting hours here at the insane assylum are Wednesdays from 1 to 3 so please bring chocolate and more scrap stuff no sharp points they say... and when Bella has kids I ahve already appropriatly repayed her the curse of YOUR CHILD WILL SAY WHY more than you...
Betcha cant guess what her reply was! ::sigh::

Monday, November 13, 2006


"Here's a FUN Blog Challenge for all of you. We're all talking about what we went on our Christmas list and wishing for this and that. But what if YOU were a scrapbook item, just what would you be and why? Blog about it, make a layout about it, for now, fantasize!"

Jozzie gave us a FUN blog challenge today. Hmmm which scrapbook item am I.....
IM probably patterned paper... You can do so much with it. IT is bright.. it is thick it is thin (kinda like me depending on if IM on steroids or not heehe) it is versatile it can be used to decorate a page or enhance a project. You can cut it and it and it looks even better. You can add things to it and dress it up or you can trim it down and make it blend in to the page. It comes in a variety of styles and colors it can be toned down with sand paper or it can be fancied up with bling. IT is a sturdy background to a page but is always noticed. It is reliable and always in style. It will enhance any project.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Are you "Keepin up with the Jones'

SO if you have been to the site Scrap that Moment, I am sure you have noticed that we have more than a couple of Jones' girls on that Design team. The Jones' girls have some major MAJOR happnin's up our sleeves cuz well.. when you have more than one Jones girl on a design team.. THere is always major happnins haha. We have major mo jo and major action to share and we are all bustin at the seams to get it going. I am so excited to be a part of this adventure and cannot wait for you to see what all we have in store FOR YOU! I will assure you that YOUR SOCKS will be KNOCKED slam off! Keep your eyes peeled and watch the Jones girls cuz you never know what they will be up to next ;) If you are not familiar with the Jones Girls. Check us out at SCRAP THAT MOMENT. Where Kara Jones, Heidi Jones, Tabitha Jones and Nancy Jones all kick it with the scrap that moment design team!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Usin' Your stash...

OK sorry I havn't posted. We all have looked like a nyquil commercial in the making around here.. coughing, sneezy, stuffy head, fever so I CAN WHINE AND COMPLAIN yeah that is all of us.. we are in competition to see who is the most pitiful... I won yesterday by default but have company today soooooo, today John is kickin my tail! Bella is oblivious. HOW can kids feel crummy, run fever and still hang from a ceiling fan in such perfect form is Beyond me and John and I just stare at each other like .. she will fall in a minute.. stick a pillow under her or something.. cuz I have no energy to get her down maybe it will just wear her out or something.... its like benadryl is kid crack...whats up with that anyway.. but it is the only thing that dries up her yuck nose. OH well.

WE HAVE to get over this quick we are supposed to go to the playgroup day on Tuesday and it will be so much fun I WANNA GOOO! So we are focused and are soakin up healing vibes! SEE this is what happens when I go to wal mart!!!!

SO who has just a bunch of paper and stuff YOU JUST HAD TO HAVE it was the greatest thing ever and well errr you still havn't used it yet? :: im raising my hand high:: well just cuz of this we started the "use up your stash challenge" at Scrap that moment. We are using up some of the stuff we have so we can buy more! Sounds logical to me! John told me I had to have a big old dent in this stuff I have in here so I can get the new stuff that I am dying to get.. NO fun is he. DOESN'T HE KNOW that is all part of it! ::SIGH::

SOOoooo We are using up some of our older lines ... keep in mind it is still gorgeous stuff just not the NEWEST fresh on the market. SO WHO wants to try this with us? You never know You just may win a rak for your participation! The rak monster shows up in the craziest places around here!

Here is on of the pages I did for this challenge and IT GOT PUB'D! ( in their e zine, so see it doesn't have to be the newest paper to get pub'd people! This paper isn't THAT old but it isn't the newest either. I love the colors in it, and it was perfect for these photos.
SO if you wanna see how we are using up our stash... click on the SCRAP THAT MOMENT USE YOUR STASH CHALLENGE.
That is about all that is going on here on this Saturday. Using up our stashes and posting in the gallery and uploading in the forums and wiping runny noses. GEE aint it grand :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Treehouse Memories THAT SPONSOR

AT Scrap That Moment. Here are my design Team submissions: (those are bugs bunny house slippers in the box by the way)

2 posts in one day I KNOW

But this is very very important.
As you all know from my previous posts. The toddler teacher at Bella's school that we here have come to know and love has cancer ... Everywhere pretty much. IT isnt good. Her platlet count dropped under 500 and they are doing transfusions they got it up to 6000 but she is still losing alot of blood. The cancer is absorbing the chemo so it is not really working. They are going to try one more time to do a transfusion and if that doesnt work..
they are running out of things they can do. SO Im asking everyone PLEASE pray. She has a 5 almost 6 month old daughter (claudia) and her husband and her mom that love her so much. SH ehas lots of friends also and everyone is banding together tonight in prayer. I ask you to please say a prayer for her and her family. Thank you all so very much.

For more information you can go back to previous posts and read the dx and our pages for kathy campaigne that is still going on. an effort to make a scrapbook about her life to give her daughter.

All kinda stuff goin on!

Been Busy busy! FIrst off I wanna thank the team at Imagine Create Scrap for picking my layout as the winner of the SEI layout contest! I am so excited and thank you all so very much!

I couldn't post on my blog yesterday I tried to upload the photos from Bella's first play group but it wouldn't let me. SHe had so much fun. Look at what SHE DROVE... she rode this over and over I was in shock after the HUGE dramatic episode with the Barbie Jeep and we ended up returning it cuz she kept calling it the "bad Jeep" and "scary Jeep" SO obviously she is over that now.

SHe also loved playing the video games and riding the whale, and playing on the big playground. SHe had a great time to say the least and met some wonderful new friends.
ALSO TONIGHT! Be there or you will really miss out! Chat with JLYNE HANBACK tonight at Scrapbook Dreamer. 9 pm our time in Alabama! You all know Jlyne from her site Scrapsubmit but also her AMAZING WORK that is published ALL OVER . SHe is on the Bhg Scrapbooks Etc. magazine design team, she is also on Chatterbox design team just to name 2. SO go check that out and tell them Hello. She is a very sweet wonderful talented lady and you will enjoy what she has to say Im sure of it.
Don't forget also this week is the week at SCRAP THAT MOMENT we upload our new THAT SPONSOR projects. This months sponsor is TREEHOUSE MEMORIES and let me tell you there is some SERIOUS eye candy going on in THAT GALLERY. CONGRATULATIONS to Heather for her page making THAT SPONSOR page! You go girl!!
SO go get inspired checking out the new uploads.
pssst...... My upload day is Thursday so be sure and check it out ;)
ALSO wanna give a HUGE shout out to Laura and the gals over at Scrapbook Chalet. SHe previously owned another site, but man she rocked this. The site is gorgeous and Im so impressed with everything. SO be sure and check it out and say hi on the message boards.
I guess that is enough for today (told yall I had alot going on) See ya tomorrow:)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Toots and a flood

I got a toot whehewhehew I made the cover of Scrappin Trends E magazine whehewhew IM so excited. My pal Kari Roach is on there too! Her's is the one of the gingerbread house. VERY CUTE! SO EXCITING! CHECK IT OUT! SOme of my other pals are in there too. Jeanne and Jaci and some other familiar faces. MAJOR EYE CANDY in that ezine Im telling you! Just click on the link (the word scrappin trends above) and then scroll down ... recognize the cutey in the top left corner? She is holdin' a lil pumkin. I also have another page in there of Bella with the baby pot bellied pigs at the pumpkin patch. (she didnt appreciate them oinking at her) You can d/l the Ezine to your computer its a huge file but SOOO WORTH IT.

ALso got my projects back from creative concepts scrappin stampin and stationery magazine today. I have 3 projects coming up in it too. SO it is pretty exciting right now.
It wont be out until Jan 1st and you can check itout at your local Hobby Lobby.

THis week at Scrap That Moment That design team will be flooding the gallery with designs from Treehouse Memories. Their paper is amazing! ALso a huge shout out to my Bud HEATHER (aka lavaguirl at our house haha) she made THAT SPONSOR page for Treehouse memories at Scrap That Moment! Be sure and check that out. My upload day is Thursday Cannot wait to show you the designs with this awesome paper.

Hope you have a good day I will be uploading my pages to my blog as well so check back often :)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

forgive my blog I had a gremlin...

A little 3 foot tall blonde blue eyed gremlin that deleted my blog for me. YES I was fit to be tied but rescued most of it and revised some but cannot get my slider to go back at the very top like it was so it is on the side now :( That is ok. All is forgiven although I cried for 20 minutes and threatened to send her off to Aunt Jeanne for a week or two (HAHAHA) she would love that.. that is no punishment.

I GOT some WONDERFUL NEWS ON KATHY!!!! SHe went to her new dr. THEY SAID IT IS TREATABLE!!! Her chances are still not that great but AT least there IS A TREATMENT and hope. SO thank you all for your prayers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue them. She started chemotherapy yesterday and will continue to do so at providence. I told her about a friend of mine telling me about going to Texas to the cancer center but she has hope for here if she isnt seeing any improvement soon she said it may be an option. SO KEEP THOSE PRAYERS going MAN ISNT GOD WONDERFUL! SO amazing the things he can do. ALSO THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for the pages yall have been doing. ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS pages I have gotten and some sweet cards for her as well. I now have 11 pages to take to her. (We didn't get to take them today but we will be taking them by tomorrow to the church so Mrs. Sally can take them to her this weekend) Bella has a yuck nose so we stayed in today and honestly my joints are screaming as well with the temperature drops.

Our neighbors David and Diane Carter are coming over for dinner tonight. They got a pork loin from some benefit or something and asked if we would like to eat with them so we are making the fixins and we were going there but we decided to have it here instead. Here is a SWEET SWEET photo of them with Miss Gremlin Britches... Bella . They are the sweetest people ever we just love them to pieces and Thank God he sent us to be their neighbors. Well I must go finish the gravy. Priase God and tell him ThANK YOU for Kathy's wonderful news! Please continue to pray for her and if you would like to make any pages for her or donate supplies Please feel free to post it here or shoot me and e-mail. hugs!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The pumpkin patch

Well Im still getting the hang of this scanner. It cuts the bottom of the page off, but it does get 95% of the page scanned in one scan HOW MUCH does that rock! Epson is amazing. I love this scanner. Early anniversary present from hubby.
These are just a few photos of Bella from when we went to the NICHOLS-BOYD Pumpkin Patch In Mississippi where we used to live. A REAL pumpkin patch. NOT just a church parking lot full of pumpkins. Which is really cool when you live in town, but it just isn't the same as going out into the field and picking your own pumpkin and getting to see and pet the animals that reside there. This is the patterned paper from the fall line of Flair designs and making memories chipboard letters. LOVE the Flair patterned papers. I got these from scrap that moment as part of my payment for being published in the Scrappy chick magazine for the fall issue. You will be able to see it pretty soon. I have more pages to post just not as much time as usual.

I am working hard on the pages for Kathy campaign (our friend and teacher for the toddler class at Woodridge Baptist Church learning Center that was dx with terminal cancer through out her pretty much entire body) I have gotten 7 pages ready to take up there tomorrow. Thank you all for your generous donations of supplies and or pre made pages. If you are interested in making a page just simply reply here on this blog. Thank you all so much. I am taking her your notes of encouragment as well. Your continued prayers for her and her family are deeply appreciated. She was released from the hospital (sent home with "this is all we can do for you") but has another apt. with another dr, well it was yesterday now. I should be getting an update hopefully tomorrow. She is spending as much time with her family as possible esp. that beautiful baby girl Claudia (5 months old) and her husband Jason. Please remember them in your prayers. It is a very heart wrenching situation. I know they all appreciate your ongoing prayers.

One tired, full of candy cowgirl...

Bella wasn't real sure about this trick or treat stuff. She didn't like ringing the doorbells and she didn't like the scary costumes some of the kids were wearing. THEN... she realised they were passing out candy. HIP HIP HURRRAYYY is all we kept hearing from her the rest of the night and WHEN we go to nuther house halloweenin' and what about all those other houses we didn't go too SHe bet they had candy in there too! I told her we had enough candy to last quite a while from the 7 houses we went to. (yeah come to find out if you take a cute little kid from the neighborhood in which you are trick or treating THEY PILE ON THE CANDY) and most all of them knew that Bella was allergic to nuts so had plenty of things she could have. Then we went to Uncle David and Aunt Dianes and helped pass out candy there. We had made 110 treat/tract bags and ran out. Thank goodness we still had some loose candy when the two SWEETEST cutest little minnie and mickey mouse kids came up. WE flipped off the light just as they were walking up I felt sooo bad I called to them to wait we would see what we had. They had the costumes from Disney world like what mama wanted to get Bella that I told her NO PLEASE cuz they cost wayyyyy too much for her to just wear a couple times... but omgosh they were the most adorable children ever so we sacrificed some kit kats and sent them on their way.
Bella did not complain about going to bed last night she was plum tuckered and had her fill of Pink Gum (yall know that is her absolute most favorite treat that only good BIG kids get) so she can be bribed into child slavery with pink gum.. Not to mention the BIG BOUNCY BALL dispenser at Old Navy will make them Tinkle on a toilet that they are convinced will suck their hiney right off of her body if she dared sit on it... (it has the auto flush which she is NON APPRECIATIVE of) so anyway good tips for moms there for bribing 3 year olds huh! Well she is taking a nap so I have got to fold laundry and get a few things done before she awakens and becomes herself again. Hope you had a happy Halloween and hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving and Christmas AHHHHH! I have to find a paying job or yall will be sadly dissapointed in yall's gifts this year.. IT will be a thought counts christmas round here haha.