Thursday, November 02, 2006

forgive my blog I had a gremlin...

A little 3 foot tall blonde blue eyed gremlin that deleted my blog for me. YES I was fit to be tied but rescued most of it and revised some but cannot get my slider to go back at the very top like it was so it is on the side now :( That is ok. All is forgiven although I cried for 20 minutes and threatened to send her off to Aunt Jeanne for a week or two (HAHAHA) she would love that.. that is no punishment.

I GOT some WONDERFUL NEWS ON KATHY!!!! SHe went to her new dr. THEY SAID IT IS TREATABLE!!! Her chances are still not that great but AT least there IS A TREATMENT and hope. SO thank you all for your prayers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue them. She started chemotherapy yesterday and will continue to do so at providence. I told her about a friend of mine telling me about going to Texas to the cancer center but she has hope for here if she isnt seeing any improvement soon she said it may be an option. SO KEEP THOSE PRAYERS going MAN ISNT GOD WONDERFUL! SO amazing the things he can do. ALSO THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for the pages yall have been doing. ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS pages I have gotten and some sweet cards for her as well. I now have 11 pages to take to her. (We didn't get to take them today but we will be taking them by tomorrow to the church so Mrs. Sally can take them to her this weekend) Bella has a yuck nose so we stayed in today and honestly my joints are screaming as well with the temperature drops.

Our neighbors David and Diane Carter are coming over for dinner tonight. They got a pork loin from some benefit or something and asked if we would like to eat with them so we are making the fixins and we were going there but we decided to have it here instead. Here is a SWEET SWEET photo of them with Miss Gremlin Britches... Bella . They are the sweetest people ever we just love them to pieces and Thank God he sent us to be their neighbors. Well I must go finish the gravy. Priase God and tell him ThANK YOU for Kathy's wonderful news! Please continue to pray for her and if you would like to make any pages for her or donate supplies Please feel free to post it here or shoot me and e-mail. hugs!


*Jeanne* said...

I wanna come over for dinner and McDreamy!

Joanne Bain said...

Hi Ya Nancy
Thanks for popping by my blog..thought I would pop in and say HI! That layout in your previous post is terrific and your daughter is a little cutie.
Have a great day

Carole Janson said...

Hi Nancy I am so sending well wishes from over here to your friend Kathy, I wish her so much the very best.

It look like you had an unreal halloween, loving the photos, and all your latest creations are beautiful. Take Care.