Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The pumpkin patch

Well Im still getting the hang of this scanner. It cuts the bottom of the page off, but it does get 95% of the page scanned in one scan HOW MUCH does that rock! Epson is amazing. I love this scanner. Early anniversary present from hubby.
These are just a few photos of Bella from when we went to the NICHOLS-BOYD Pumpkin Patch In Mississippi where we used to live. A REAL pumpkin patch. NOT just a church parking lot full of pumpkins. Which is really cool when you live in town, but it just isn't the same as going out into the field and picking your own pumpkin and getting to see and pet the animals that reside there. This is the patterned paper from the fall line of Flair designs and making memories chipboard letters. LOVE the Flair patterned papers. I got these from scrap that moment as part of my payment for being published in the Scrappy chick magazine for the fall issue. You will be able to see it pretty soon. I have more pages to post just not as much time as usual.

I am working hard on the pages for Kathy campaign (our friend and teacher for the toddler class at Woodridge Baptist Church learning Center that was dx with terminal cancer through out her pretty much entire body) I have gotten 7 pages ready to take up there tomorrow. Thank you all for your generous donations of supplies and or pre made pages. If you are interested in making a page just simply reply here on this blog. Thank you all so much. I am taking her your notes of encouragment as well. Your continued prayers for her and her family are deeply appreciated. She was released from the hospital (sent home with "this is all we can do for you") but has another apt. with another dr, well it was yesterday now. I should be getting an update hopefully tomorrow. She is spending as much time with her family as possible esp. that beautiful baby girl Claudia (5 months old) and her husband Jason. Please remember them in your prayers. It is a very heart wrenching situation. I know they all appreciate your ongoing prayers.

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