Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Man You Never Knew...

I had this wooden box that looks like a book for a while now. Wasn't too sure what to do with it. I got inspired after Bella asked me questions about her grandpa (my daddy) and why was he in heaven, what was he like, did he love babies? Would he have liked her?" Oh how my heart just sunk. I try to talk about my dad all the time around her. OH how he would have loved her. I see so much of him in her. He would have been crazy about her. I can see it now.
This is another reason I scrapbook. I think about people that have come and gone, all the ones that she never got to meet. The ones that were close to my heart. I want her to somehow feel a connection to them. Especially my father. I was a definite Daddy's girl. I know most girls are. Bella is definitly a daddy's girl. I want her to realise that he was alive that he was here on earth. He played with her cousins and ate at grandma's table. Sat in the chair that is in the living room.
THIS is why I wanted to make this book.
SO she could somehow form a connection, somehow KNOW her grandpa. I know he is loving her from up there today. I know he kissed her a million times before she came here and I AM SURE he told her how to drive me crazy too. That is just how he was haha.
Maybe after you look at this... You can kinda know him too.

Forever in my heart.
September 1937 - August 1995

He had a Wonderful sense of HUMOR.

He believed all Grandbabies should be appropriatly spoiled ROTTEN.

Thing I love about my dad...Hardworking, kind, honest, loyal, trustworthy, fun, loving, protective, dependable.

Meal time was family time. We always ate at the dinner table. We always had a meal too. Not a sandwhich or pizza. Vegetables, meat, bread the whole deal.

The last page is of my dads line of duty award that hangs in Miami Florida in the Policemans Hall of Fame.
HE will never BE FORGOTTEN!

I want his memory and his legacy to live on. I want my child to know what a wonderful man he was. That he died a hero. I hope this album will help her understand a little more who he was and why we all loved him so much.

Happy Fathers day Daddy. I miss you so much!