Friday, September 04, 2009

eeehhhh? whaaaa? huh?

You talkin to me? Cuz I can't hear a word your saying.
Life has NOT been all sunshine and flowers lately. TO say it has stunk well I can't smell it either so I really don't know. Yes I have lost a few of my senses My husband may say I have lost more than a good bit of my sense but we wont listen to him.. I cant hear it anyway. rofl. I have had shingles (no not the kind on the roof that isnt even funny so just hush) hehe I have had it in my ears. YES from one side it will get almost well then it goes to the other cuz IM JUST SPECIAL THAT WAY. yes I know you ARE SUPPOSED TO only get them on one side. YES yes I know that. I am fully aware how shingles work. I understand BUT IM JUST SPECIAL I GUESS CUZ IM NANCY JONES and crapp like this just loves me. I think it must be the Interferon I take for the MS. That is what my dr thinks anyway. I dunno. I just know this crapp hurts.

SO that is where I have been. I have a few more things to share with you I just have not uploaded. Thanks for the prayers I will get them on here shortly.