Friday, September 04, 2009

eeehhhh? whaaaa? huh?

You talkin to me? Cuz I can't hear a word your saying.
Life has NOT been all sunshine and flowers lately. TO say it has stunk well I can't smell it either so I really don't know. Yes I have lost a few of my senses My husband may say I have lost more than a good bit of my sense but we wont listen to him.. I cant hear it anyway. rofl. I have had shingles (no not the kind on the roof that isnt even funny so just hush) hehe I have had it in my ears. YES from one side it will get almost well then it goes to the other cuz IM JUST SPECIAL THAT WAY. yes I know you ARE SUPPOSED TO only get them on one side. YES yes I know that. I am fully aware how shingles work. I understand BUT IM JUST SPECIAL I GUESS CUZ IM NANCY JONES and crapp like this just loves me. I think it must be the Interferon I take for the MS. That is what my dr thinks anyway. I dunno. I just know this crapp hurts.

SO that is where I have been. I have a few more things to share with you I just have not uploaded. Thanks for the prayers I will get them on here shortly.


Jocelyn said...

So sorry really keeps throwing it at too....but we are strong women and will rise above it all...hoping the pain gets better!!! Prayers and hugs to you!!!! :)

Bella said...

feel better soon.