Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good news/bad News

Well I wasnt gonna post this today being it was our anniversary and all but Im about to go to bed so.. I figured get it over with.
Went to the dr today did get my flu shot and pneumonia shot which was good they let me have it. BUT bad news .. Protein in my urine.... and if any of you that have lupus or know anything about lupus you know what that means... ITSSS baaaackkk well I guess it never really left but I thought the kidney thing was over. Scheduling more tests more crapp for after the first of the year.. don't wanna ruin the holidays. IF I go on the treatments now it could ruin the holidays for all of us.. especially Bella. I knew something was not right I had not been feeling well and so tired and just BLAH... can't get enough sleep which is SOOOOO not like me. But anyway... I know I didn't call everyone like I said I would and tell them what the dr said. Today was our anniversary and kinda wanted to not think about it. Be happy for a bit. Not that this is bad. Just means all the stuff isnt working and I have to go back on yucky medications and stuff again. Its a fact of life with living with lupus. More people have kidney involvment than any other organ.. it is the leading cause of transplant in lupus patients. As I get older it is just one of those things we will have to face reality and deal with as it comes. I thank God every day I was able to have Bella and I thank God I have such a wonderful husband that loves and supports me through sickness and in health. When most men would have headed for the hills he dug his heels in and wouldnt let me give up and Im today, on our anniversary, SO thankful to him and my family for all they do for me. Love you guys if I havnt told you lately. Thank you to my friends that always pray for us as well! You guys rock!
THIS IS NOT a bad thing not a sad thing... Not a death sentence and not a major cause for worry... , just a setback that well, we kind figured would happen. We will get more details in the coming weeks.. will take a while to get back in to the nephrology dept but my dr is optomistic they will see me quickly with me having been in before. He has a call in and they are to call me with my apts. Just gotta go back on the meds I hate and that make me all fat and gross but hey.. fat is better than the alternative huh.... Id rather be fat and with my hubby and little girl than skinny and the alternative.
A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO JACI I totally forgot your birthday this past weekend and Im sorry You have full permission to beat me with wet noodles. haha. Happy birthday girly I hope you had a great day.

Here is to Jeanne as well I hope you are feeling better. I wish I lived closer You could pile up with me and bella and play x box SHe is getting pretty good at shrek! ROFL..
I have some layouts to post but not gonna tonight gonna go curl up with my hubby. NIGHT YALL! ;)


wendy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I will be praying for you..and you know appearance isn't anything..you have the personality that can lift anybody up, you are caring, and you are a great friend!!

kara jones said...

Nancy.. sorry you are having to go through this; but, you have a great attitude and that's half the battle! You have never left my prayers... take care

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Danm it Nancy! This must be so frustrating! I'm with you girlfriend.