Monday, November 20, 2006


MAN I have some catching up to do! Bella has been sick sick with the flu/bronchitis and I have been working nights on a special project that yall will see soon. :) Between the breathing treatments and her hanging from the ceiling fan afterwards.... ITS BEEN REAL FUN around here! (NOT)

SOI did get a page made.... ITs for a contest I entered for scenic route.
I know it is hard to see but I used some glitter all over the back ground paper on the flowers... but its not that noticeable so oh well...

I LOVE this picture of her being silly. I have Adobe Photo shop cs~2 so I used it to reverse color in the photo antique then add just a little center color back. so you get THAt exuberant happy feel when looking at it.

TODAY'S STM BLOG CHALLENGE IS: DId you ever have a job that was just FUN and what was it.


when I was 21 years old.

I worked at a western store. OH MY GOSH. Every time there was a rodeo in town..... wrangler butts everywhere. ALl the cowboys shopped with us cuz we were just about the only western store in town. GOt to meet a few celebrities as well. WE had a blast! we had a young crew I think the oldest was 25 so we were always clowning. OUR boss was a total goob (still is) and we had so much fun raggin on him and sneaking around.
ONe time our manager was off the entire day working on some stuff for us so to have this massive party that night and the big boss never had a clue. He thought he was in the stock room all day cuz we took a cowboy hat and some boots and put behind a screen. ONe of us would run back and beat on the walls and drop boxes etc so it sounded like he was really working hard.

OF course the next day we all piled in and did what he was suposedly working on and got it knocked out so he wouldnt get busted and OH yeah IT WAS A STELLAR PARTY!!!! ONe of my best friends and room mate both worked together and we always were playing pranks. WE all would hit the rodeos and the club on thursday nights and everyone would look to see what we were wearing .. the next day we would sell out of that outfit IT was hysterical. We used to joke we could wear kroger sacks and the next day there would be a rush on them. SO FUNNY how just cuz you worked somewhere everyone had to have what you were wearing..... if they only knew rofl. But anyway that was a blast I have so many memories ... playing football in the parking long cuz we all had to work on a holiday and NO ONE was open but us (he was such a weirdo) so we all went outside and played football. ONe time we shot bow and arrows in the store and the manager missed a pair of full quill ostrich ropers by like millimeters I think he crapped himself, but he wouldnt admit it (those boots sold for 800 bucks) The arrow was sitting there swaying in the door frame and we all just sank. We ran to the back to find some cauking to fill the hole and couldnt find any so, we used toothpaste. THe big boss kept saying Yall smell something like MINT and we would all crack up laughing. I didnt make much money cuz well we were all minimuim wagers but we had so much fun and are still friends to this day. I will never forget those days. I made enough money to pay my part of the rent and bills and that was it. we had like 6 girls living in that apartment so we could afford it. Man those were the days huh!

What about you? what was the most fun job you ever had?


Jocelyn said...

Too funny Nancy! Thanks for sharing that Western experience with me. I'm such a city girl so that is something.... :)

I also just LOVE that page you made of Bella! Great job with the photo editing!


Joanne Bain said...

Hi Nancy
Sure sounds like you had a great time working at that western shop. Thanks for sharing your story. Love that layout, you have done a fantastic job with it and the pic is just gorgeous.
Have a great day

Scrappytbear said...

That does sound like a lot of fun! Awesome for you! miss the good ol days?

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Nancy, I think this is my favorite! Love that photo. I wish I could see the glitter.
Sounds like you had WAY too much fun back in the day.