Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

OK so we got up at WAY TOOO EARLY O CLOCK... and went shopping with the OTHER TEN MILLION people in mobile... BUT IM Happy to say IM ALMOST FINISHED!!! I just have to finish making the things I gotta make and pick up a couple more store bought things. Santa is packin up his sleigh people! ALl I can say is it will be a 12 dancing princess Christmas this year. Along with the year of electronics. I AM SO HAPPY I got online last night at midnight and got that portable dvd player and V smile thingy cuz otherwise... Id be still looking and spending ALOT more money. I really was fortunate to get some AWESOME deals today. I can save more money buying stuff than anyone I know (according to John Jones) The scrapbook store was on my list as well haha! I GOT MY CROP A DILE! IF YOU GUYS DON'T HAVE ONE OF THESE omg they are sooo rockin I mean they click so easily through stuff it is just amazing.. How did I live without that thing!!!! THe other coolest thing ever are the Paint Dabbers IM totally in love and when they are half off I AM IN HEAVEN. I loaded up on the ones I KNEW i didnt have and then I will get the rest as I can... IM wondering where I can find those bottles empty to dump my mm paints in... hmmm In quiring minds wanna know lol

NOW to figure out how to get this in the house where hubby and mini me cant see it... IM gonna be wrapping it tomorrow fast so they dont see it :)


Vicky said...

You are so funny!! I have never heard of this thing-a-ma-bobs that you mentioned. I don't think the little ol' valley where I live is as "advanced" with the scrappin stuff as anywhere else in the world-urgh! Congrats on being just about is easier to enjoy the holiday when lists of "I need to get..." and busy malls are not running through your mind.

Kimberly Rae said...

Heehee..... I was going to get up for our LSS's 5 AM sale, but it was 24 degrees outside.... just wasn't going to happen. I haven't even scraped the surface on our shopping. Ugh!

Didi said...

Wow! Sounds like a very tiring but productive experience....I have never done any black friday shopping cuz me and mornings...well we just don't belong in the same sentence! So glad you get some goodies for you too! WhoohoO!