Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Can you say AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

GREAT AMERICAN SCRAPBOOK CONVENTION WHEHWHEH Im so excited, nervous scared etc all at the same time. It is crunch time. I dont have all my supplies to make my kits (AHHH) we are having a HUGE garage sale this weekend to pay off bills with (AHHH) and we leave Tuesday for Mississippi to pick up Carrie at Mspaperarts then drive to Arlington Texas with a trailer full of stuff (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH) NAHHH Im not stressed. IT IS GONNA BE SO MUCH FUN AND ICANNOT WAIT TO MEEET ALL THE PEOPLE on my list of people I wanna meet! What an awesome opportunity she and Scenic route have given me! Im so blessed and happy (and nervous and well just read that first line again) SOoo Im gonna go price stuff now. I am waiting on a few emails and some paint to dry and then IM OFF to work on Garage sale crappola again. HOW IS YOUR DAY TODAY? get any scrappin done? I GOT THIS AWESOME BOOOK BY TRACY WHITE (she is on my list of cool people to meet ya know) and OMGawesh It is so awesome! I wanna go take pictures now! She is so inspiring and totally makes sense on how to take better photos.. now I just gotta do it! Poor Bella she is gonna be running from me again while I snap photos of her. :::sigh::::

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