Monday, May 15, 2006

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones OK SO IM A GREYS ANATOMY NUT. AND IM crying my eyes out over the episode. I just loved DENNY! That elsucko's man! BUT YA KNOW I was so proud of ALex for scooping her up... and the mcsexy scene with mcdreamy and meredith OMG i was like HELLO! BUT CAN YOU BLAME HER I MEAN HELLO! OK OK enough about that my husband was going THESE PEOPLE ARENT REAL they are PAID actors YEAH YEAH YEAH whatever. I SO WANT THE SWEETWATER mcdreamy paper. OHHH ANDREA!!!!!!!!! that is on my list.... well I guess that is it for me tonight IM too depressed over greys anatomy BUT THEN LET ME PERK UP CUZ MY BASIC GREY RIBBON IS suposed to be coming in tomorrow which means IT WONT BE LONG NOW before I tie myself up in it... that pic can go with me layin in the paper huh.... Oh well. Cant help my crazy self

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