Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones TOday has been an awesome day well except for some drama, but the awesome is IM gonna teach in arlington at the great american scrapbook convention IM SO EXCITED. NOW I have to stay well until then NO GETTING SICK. I have to go to the dr and he has to say it is ok and then I can go so I have to be really good HAHAHHA
that is so hard for me to do. Im having a HUGE garage sale in 2 weeks so I can pay off bills and get this junk out of the house! Well I gotta go start planning these kits so I will sign off for now. IM SO EXCITED! also I mailed my project off to imagination project today yipeeeee!


Susie said...

that is so awesome that you will be teaching at the convention! Don't forget to share with us at TMS what you teach! LOL!

NancyJones said...

Thank you susie. I will be teaching IN PLACE of my best friend Carrie. She is having pre mature labor pains so I am going to teach them for her. Im scared to death rofl. BUT I am excited too. IT is going to be 4 classes. all Scenic route. THe pages are so cool and a mini book and card set. I cannot wait for the stuff to come in to play with!