Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones SO what do you do... You have a death in the family... people act crazy.. You know you need to go in your heart you feel you need to pay your respects but... obstacles are in the way. I know he is right, my husband.. and my best interest is in his view. IT will be a huge "jerry springer episode". BUT what do you do. DO you sit here and feel the guilt they are throwing on you or do you stay busy. DO you find stuff to do. DO you try to play with your child to keep your mind off it. I have a dr apt. on monday (I forgot) with the rheumatologist. We have been waiting for this to get in. Every time i get upset.. hubby gets mad.. YOU have test to run monday DO you want to be like it was. IM SO sick of hearing how if I get upset or if something happens Im gonna get sick. YES I KNOW IT is true but how do you not be. Life is changing. Again.... I know if I get sick the things IM looking forward to wont get to happen. BUt this is family. How do you not Be there for family. I wasnt brought up that way. BUt I KNOW I KNOW alot has happend with family. SO much around this doesnt make sense. SO much around this is is weird (why do you send a picture of the car, I mean come on guilt me for not coming? or can I be takign it wrong and it just be their weird sense of dealing ) All I know is dont call me in the middle of the night with this. IM sorry its happening, but everyone cant deal with things the same way. I cannot go alone. I wont. Dont ya think we have dealt with enough! The whole situation is bad. I realise that and Im so sorry for them. I mourn her. Im gonna miss her. BUt I will make my peace with her. I will visit.. next week. I wont be by myself then. I don't deal with death. IT is impossible. My husband understands that he is here for the nightmares since daddy got killed. WHY cant they see that. IM sorry for being selfish on this one. BUT I will come just not today. I can't I cant deal with it. SO I will stay busy. I want to go I feel their pain BUT I just can't not alone. I will be there all the rest of next week but then I wont be alone.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I say stay home!

NancyJones said...

well, that is what we ended up doing. I ahd to go get anti anxiety pills due to TOO MUCH going on and dr told me to stay away. so I did. I am going this week and spending some personal time with them without the crowd etc. I think that will be better anyway