Saturday, May 20, 2006

creating the monster.. or at least contributing

have I created a monster or what... I was going to take pictures of her helping me set out our tomatoes when she said her infamous like "bella be wight back" that can never be good. Instead she comes back with HER camera. Its a princess camera doesnt take real pictures but we can pretend right? I laughed my heart out at how stinkin cute she was squatting down like I do to get on her level and take pictures. and her UNMATCHING CLothes were the perfect touch because they were all her favorites.... for that day anyway. SHE LOVES those flip flops. Wants to wear them with everything. I jut cant help at grinning at these photos and cannot wait for the page to come. I forgot we have "last chance" photos for the church directory today (grrrrrrr) lovely after having shingles WOnder If I could just wear a bagover my head and body.... gotta go find something that fits. cant they just draw in circles and stick figures and sayit is us... we know what we look like. sigh...... now the hunt begins..w hat to wear. this ought to be fun.


Susie said...

great photos Nancy~ She is a real cutey!

Amy said...

OMG. . .this is awesome, I love it!!!! LOL!