Friday, May 05, 2006

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones Has it been a week already!! GOsh time flies when your unconcious! I feel almost like a human today. I came across this new website I am loving!!! It is called scrappers bliss! Has some awesome layouts and some great gals there! so happy they let me post. Now they will think IM a stalker hahahahhaha no really HAHAHAHa kidding.. or AM I... yeah really. Hubby got me to watch this movie Stealth today.. Definitly a guy gig. I thought it woudl be good had the girl from 7th Heaven on it. It was really good But I got sick in the middle of it and had to bail. sorry honey! He said all was well in the end they got the robot taken over plane to chill and everyone was safe and it didnt blow up any more people....................... so I say K......... BELLA HAD A PERFECT POTTY DAY AT SCHOOL! THIS SO ROCKS! We did the Happy all hail Im the queen of the Potty dance! yeah it is an old song but she liked it. and we put on the boa and got some stickers out of mommys scrap room and our choice of supper tonight (spaghettie ala daddy O's) and she gets to watch her pick of movies tonight to torture I mean watch with us tonight. we are so proud.


*Jeanne* said...

Potty training.. I remember those days. I just love thinking back to those days. I wish I got a boa everytime I used the potty. Talk about a *special* layout that would be.. lol

NancyJones said...

hahahah You are telling me! YES I have an adorable Photo that I will be embarassing her with later :)