Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones My little sweetie made me a card with glitter and planted some flowers in a styrofoam cup. She sang a her rendition of HAPPY MUDDUH DAY TEW EWW. I just loved it! I got to take a long nap this afternoon and watch Greys anatomy with no interuption tonight and I get to watch it again tomorrow night (it is continued) speaking of which OMGAWESH did yall see it tonight! Im bout to have a FIT! Denny cant die neither can burke THEY gotta do something quick! IM just sick over it. I was about to have a fit! Hubby said OH IT IS A TV SHOW. It is worse than a soap opera I LOVE that show. anyway.... IM just sick over Denny I was yelling at the tv for her NOT TO CUT IT! but they didnt hear me I GUESS. Im praying it is the cord to the tv instead. ... Maybe George will do a miraculous heart transplant or something on him I dunno... Im holding on till then but not patiently.

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