Sunday, May 21, 2006

"jeanne" Challenge

Well, This is as close as I could get to a crooked picture for you. She wanted her picture made but WOULD NOT BESTILL. SO this is gonna have to work for this week. She is such a mess. BUt always looks so sweet and precious in those pearls and bows. (of course like her mother hahahaha)


*Jeanne* said...

Okay that picture is just precious.. You did an awesome job. Now make sure you do a beautiful layout with that picture...

Next... WHAT THE HECK DID YOU TO YOUR BLOG????? I am the blonde one here... You can't do things like that only I can... Oh boy This is going to take awhile to fix.. UGH... What am I to do with you.. Good thing I like you! lol

NancyJones said...

OK so IM NOT BLONDE but I HAVE NOOOO IDEA WHAT I DID.... the slider thing...well... ROFL HEY I TRIED rofl dont I get points for effort :)
I figured My dear, SWEET friend jeanne would be able to fix it ROFL

I tried to put my links in to other blogs and Now ... well you can see stuff is ALL OVER THE PLACE and the slider thing is all over the place....I have Noo clue what I did OH YES I DO
guess what they dont work unless youknow what they mean I supose ::SIGH:: thank GOD for Jeanne ROFL

motobarbie said...

That is a super picture and I think you take beautiful photos. Your little girl is just adorable!

NancyJones said...

OH thank you girl. I take 500 and pray JUST ONE turns out.