Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just a quickie

yes we are fine... Ida broke apart and became a Tropical storm. It is still kinda windy. Bella is Out of school till Thursday. John is having to go to work some to fix stuff. That wind damage has messed up but other than that no problems. power surges a few times lots of rain. The gulf was too cold for it to do alot. It was really freaky to have one in November. I want a news paper to put in Bellas scrap book hahaha. (hey always thinking lol.)John is gonna stop and get one. Guido and Tinker fred(isha) looked at the back yard this morning and went "tsk tsk tsk we are not responsible for thisssssssss" aLso we heard from Martin (who works with John) who lives on the beach in Pensacola they just got rain and a little wind power didn't go out. He had to go pick up his cousin in Ft Walton as it was coming ashore. He literally was driving through it so wasn't too bad. So We are happy he is ok and his family. I know our family all know who Martin is and think the world of them and would be concerned. Im just very glad this was not AUGUST. It could have been very bad lookin' at the direction and how this storm went.(I had 11 voice mails but I had slept alot the day before and yesterday I guess the barometric pressure and my joints hurting so I apologize If I have not returned all calls yet but I promise everything is fine I know it is scary when Mobile makes national News and it shows our little subarea but I promise. (MOTHER) we are fine!!!! love you all)
So thank the lord it was November.

Now back to our regularly scheduled scrapbooking.


Little Ol' Liz said...

So relieved to know you and the family are OK. Hugs all around ;-)

2 Worlds said...

Thats good to know !