Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Here is hoping everyone has a WONDERFUL MOTHERS DAY TODAY!! I got my cool bar stool swivel pretty chair for my scrap room. BElla calls it my "cwappin chair" hahahaha. WE had to correct her a couple times on that. YEAH let her scream that one out in target. JOhn is on his way to College Station Texas AHHHHH! Stacey look out for him. I told him that the scrapbook store there wasnt that great so I can spend all the money here while he is gone bwahahaha. Ill share some of my favorite pictures today while I boo hoo that my baby is growing up way too fast. I also would like to say TO my mom and Mom in law and all you other mothers out there:
I thought we could walk down memory lane. SOme of these may not be my BEST layouts cuz some are older. BUT ... They mean the world. SO Im looking back at the 4 years I have been a mommy today.
I have to say it has been an awesome 4 years.
ALot of laughs, ALot of tears, ALot of days I wanted to SCREAM and Duct tape her to the wall.
Who am I kidding duct tape wont hold her up there.. THIS IS MY KID were talking about.
It is hard to believe she is 4 years old now. Seems like she should be 1 and a half. IT goes way too fast.
THis is the reason I scrapbook every second of our lives. Days like today when you can look back at all your albums and laugh, cry and smile at how PRECIOUS EACH and every second we have with these BEautiful people that GOd entrusts us with.
We pray for them, we cry for them we smile at them and laugh. HOW could we ever imagine life any different.
ITs all these little moments that make up for all the late night feedings, the HORRENDOUS diapers after your neighbors feed her cracklins and pickled ONion just to see the cute faces she makes at 8 months old.
ITs these sweet moments that make up for all that.I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day today and thank you for letting me walk down memory lane today.::hands out hankies::
WE now rejoin our regularly scheduled program :)


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I love the Family one and I love love love the black background one with the number one. Happy Mothers Day.

Greta said...

Happy Mother's Day all your layouts!! She is beautiful and I know what you mean about growing up to fast....geezzz

heather g. said...

OMG GIRL!!!! I loooove seeing your pages all together liek this, really shows how much she's grown up! And your older pages are STILL awesome which makes me secretly hate you for being such a great scrapper. :giggle: Happy Momma's Day girlie!