Monday, May 14, 2007


WHY do they call it MURPHYS LAW? I think it should be called JONES law. Cuz this crapp ONLY Happens to me, I SWEAR. Have you ever had days where YOU JUST KNOW there is a camera crew hiding in the bushes waiting to come out, saying "YOU HAVE BEEN PUNKED" or you are on some Other stupid "we are screwing with you tv show?" I WISH that was how it is Yesterday and today cuz it does somewhat resemble some really lame "I love Lucy Rerun." SO here goes welcome to my world.

SO John goes out of town for some training classes, Well I think he took like all the working atmosphere out of our house when he left. The dryer NOT an hour after he leaves LAUGHS AT ME and coughs. I think it is saying I HATE YOU AND YOUR CLOTHES AND IM ON VACATION. OF COURSE I have 2 loads of wet clothes to be dried cuz My daughter is potty training. so UGHMM yeah we gotta wash em daily or she has nothing to wear.
So I call hubby he says OH IT does that sometimes.. wait a little while and start it again. SO I do that, 4 times, NOTHING."Insert slanderous words of your choice here" THEN we are getting these freak thunderstorms like EVERY DAY and the cable goes out which of course is also THE INTERNET. "INSERT REALLLLLYYYY BAD WORDS HERE" So of course THAT is when Bella chooses to take a nap. (cuz this is JONES LAW) I did get a page made but, I was hot cuz I couldnt log on and get some much needed work done.
WHY? CUZ this is like some freako punked edition of MURPHYS LAW!!!

SO I finally call my neighbor across the street, while hanging up tiny big girl panties all over my house trying to get them dry.. and ask "IS YOUR CABLE WORKING." WELL YEAH IT IS.... WELL it seems it is just OUR side of the street.. so I call my OTHER neighbor. NO his isnt working either. JUST as I start to cry thinking IM NEVER gonna get anything done WHAMO it pops back on. YEAHHH thank you murphy!

SO I tell him what is up with the dryer. HE says "want me to come look at it." SURREEEE!!! look at it curse it kick it I DONT care just make it dry my kids undies PLEASE! SO he comes over and vaccums out a DOG. I swear it was a small animals worth of lint you could have made a sweater for a big person or a small fuzzy animal had to have been in there. I was shocked. I didnt know you ahve to take your dryer apart and vaccum that. SEEMS it kept turning off as A WARNING that it was GONNA CATCH ON FIRE cuz it had so much of that crapp in there. OH GREAT. SO the motor is almost gone.. toast.. dead. GREAT. BUT WE HAVE a way we can make it work for now.
SO PICTURE... ME with my knee on the little button that the door holds down to make your dryer start. my hand holding the starter button and then the other arm giving the inside a spin to get it started.. ughm YEAH.. THEN when it gets turning.. I THROw The clothes in a few at time while my knee is on the button still. SOOOOOO the inside it spinning and im throwing DORA and CInderella panties in PRAYING TO GOD they dont come flying back at me holding my mouth just righ as I TAKE my knee of the do jigger and SLAMMING the door really fast. AND IT WORKS.

REDNECK engineering or Murphys law? YOU DECIDE. WHICH ever I DONT CARE I JUST WANT A

SO how was your day????


Greta said...

girl you are killing me....that is funny.....yeah girl you have to clean your shit or it will break down...lmao

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

hehhee oh my... you poor thing.. just a test hun just a test!!!!
hang in there the days will fly by I promise!!!

jan williams said...

That is too damn funny.. A DOG OMG!!! You are the craziest person I know!

Adriann said...

That's too funny!!!! Sorry for the bad day, but at least you saw the humor in it...

heather g. said...

OMG girl, you soooo need a vacation!!!! I'm sorry to laugh but I'm practically peeing in my pants reading your description of your "redneck engineering" I gotta see that one UP CLOSE!!!! Hope everything becomes boring and typical RIGHT QUICK!!!! (((((HUGS)))))

elizabeth said...

i'm *so* sorry that the day sucked for you, but if it helps, you aren't the only one that kinda stuff happens to!

it happens to us ALL THE TIME!

Little Old Liz said...

Murphy's Law? I think not -- it's because your hubby and my hubby are away at the same Learning Experience as roommates (of sorts). The menfolk passed down the word to check out your Blog -- oh is your daughter cute!
Hang in there.