Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TOdays challenge: Who or what has significantly changed your life.

Wow.. I have had quite a few things that totally significantly changed my life. My father getting killed was a HUMONGOUS one Im a completely totally different person because of it now. Also John has really changed my life. He not only is my husband but he is my best friend..some days I feel my only friend that really gets what it is like to be me and have all the crapp I have. He knows what to say when IM upset to make me feel better, He tells me though when Im wrong and that I need to correct something. BUT, He will defend me to the end when I have been done wrong. He knows what to do when I get sick or start "having a sinker" as I call it. He knows when to tell me OK you need to chill for a while cuz your getting too stressed (THAT WOULD BE NOW HONEY!! HURRY UP AND COME HOME HA!) He is my biggest fan but also my best critique and will tell me "OK that looks weird" or I just don't "get it" when Im working on projects.
Bella Definitly changed our life Not just mine but both of ours. She is amazing. SHe is funny, creative, challenging and some days makes me wanna scream. But every night when I see that little one asleep in there I just think, WOW, aint it cool! WE never thought we would get this experience. Well, John did.. cuz he said he "always gets what he wants" ::eye roll:: also how he knew she would be a girl...::another eyeroll:: sadly to admit but.. he was right. DID I SAY THAT? CALL GUINESS cuz it won't happen again. Maybe I just miss him alot yeah that is it.
We have had to face lots of challenges in our life but they have always brought us closer together. When I pull away he pulls closer when he pulls away I pull closer. Its kinda cool actually. I honestly think I wouldn't be alive today if it were not for him. He is the one that said the dr was crazy and picked me up out of that hospital and took me to Lousiana to Ochner's to get a correct diagnosis. He is still my biggest fan and biggest advocate. He adapted his life because he knew my limitations. WHich has been a HUGE thing for him. HE sacrifices daily for us "his giyulls" he works hard, He provides us with pretty much everything we want that is within reason. HE does whatever he can to make us happy. WHat more could you ask for in a husband?
OK so before his head gets ANY LARGER and the guys where he is training want to schmack him around.. Ill stop and also because Bella is quiet which Usually means Disaster is in the making. I like the changes so far in our life well ok MOST of them. BUT what I LIKE most is that HE is the one who was with me through all of them cuz ya know... IT just wouldnt be the same without him. HE just rocks that is the best way I can explain it and well ... BELLA MISSES HER DADDY TOO! We get to mark another X today whehew!

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Little Old Liz said...

The Boys are passing around their wives Blogspot addresses! How funny/cool is that? LOL I guess that makes us sister in The Company, huh?
Hang in there. This time around is much easier than when my Hubster first started with Reynolds - 3 weeks gone, one week home working overtime hours, then 2 weeks back to Dayton. Our youngest was 9 months at the time. He turns 10 this Summer.

NancyJones said...

OH GOSH! SO glad to hear from you. WHen John first started working with the company.. he lived in alabama and I was in mississippi for about 7 months I dont miss it one BIT! Just everything decides to break when he leaves hahaha! YEah I figure jOHn is proud of this post hahaaha IM braggin on him!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

hehe I think you might be missing your man gal!!!! he does rawk out loud though!!!!
You have a great many things to be grateful for!!!
awesome post gal!

Adriann said...

You are a blessed woman to have such a wonderful husband.