Sunday, May 20, 2007

Treats in the heat!

MAN it is hot. SO HOT that when we heard the familiar tune of our FAVORITE treat EVERYONE came running. ITS THE ICEEEE CREAMMMMM MANNNNNN. We almost missed him. I was on the phone with our neighbor she said STOPPP THAT TRUCK SO I run to the door and let out my BEST horse/cattle callin whistle.. and stopped em. YEAH ME! I guess daddy knew that would come in handy some day. Was supposed to be for getting the dogs in or whatever other critters attention your trying to get... BUT GUESS WHAT it works ON men too! CUz the Ice cream truck FROZE in his tracks (BWAHHAAHA get it.. froze in his tracks.. ahh nevermind geez)
Bella held him at bay with her sparkling blues, while I dug out money and OF COURSE my camera was right there so ughmm. YEP we had to take a pic. GEE this one should go in the books ya know! WE didn't have an ice cream man growing up cuz well.. we lived half past the end of the world down on the left. NOTHING there but trees. There was no corner McDonalds, No resteraunts, barely a gas station. THis town livin' is PRETTY cool being that YOU get to order in food (YES THEY BRING IT TO YOU) and the ice cream man drives through your neighbor hood. After Hurricane Katrina.. HE was more welcomed than any of the celebrities that came to help re build. People would gather on lawns every afternoon JUST WAITING for something cool to eat. Bella liked the Spongebob Ice cream cuz.. You could eat his eyes. they were candy... Sounds kinda morbid but hey... SHe was happy and quiet for about 3 minutes till the sugar hit then it was BOING BOING BOING.

BElla looks up at me after the Ice cream is gone and the novelty is about worn off and says "MOMMY"
Me: yess BElla
Bella:"Member How I said I wanted to marry Daddy?"
Me: ughmm maybe.. yeah.
BElla: "I fink I changed my mind"
Me: Oh you did huh? WHY?
BElla: " I fink I wanna mawwy the ICE cweam man"
ME: (a little shocked but kinda think hey that could be cool son in law with ice cream... wonder if he will let me drive) OH really? why is that?
BElla: "MOMMYYYY! CUZ he has that really coool ICe cweam twuck we could wide awound all day eating ice cweam and singing the music"
Me: ::thinking yup that would be MY CHILD:: I think daddy might get his feelings hurt if you marry the ice cream man instead of him.
BElla: "NAAHHHH he wont" gives me the you are crazy woman stare " CUZ you know DADDY LOOOOVEEESSS ice cweam and we will let him drive sometimes.
ME" well that will totally seal the deal for daddy ya think?"
Bella: OH Y EAH mommy

SO obviously she thinks we can be bribed VERY EASILY with ice cream .... too bad she is right huh!


Chelsea said...

Love this story! Wish the ice cream man would come around here!!! And just think...with all the freaks out there, she could do a lot worse than the Ice Cweam Man!!!

lam said...

what a sweet story

Marnie said...

Awwwwww! So sweet! I wish we had an ice cream truck!

Greta said...

that is hysterical....

micayla said...

What a fab story!!!

jan williams said...

My growing up was just the opposite of yours Nancy, we had a ice cream truck, Now we live in the country and don't have anything, not even pizza delivery!! boo hoo

Susan Blanton said...

Those photos are precious. We hear our ice cream truck but can't find that sucker. hee,hee. Love those photos.

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

The farm whistle......that's what we call it. That's how I call Lucas when he's outside playing. :)

Jocelyn said...

You're so fun! And I love your stories!