Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WE interrupt this regularly scheduled program

WITH ONLY 10 MINUTES LEFT OF THE DANG PROGRAM. HOW DARE THEY! SO I have few guilty pleasures in life. YES one of them making these tons of pages to give my child proof we had a wonderful life... The other.. MY TV LINE UP. I spend alot of time indoors (see the part about internal combustion and sunlight meeting my skin) I got to do soemthing besides scrap ya know! Well My Monday night show HEROES is on and IM all into it and it is getting close to the climax. THE SEASON FINALE on top of that.... all of a sudden.. ANT RACES... STATIC SCREEN.. WHAT THE *&^% OH ugh ugh. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. DID SHE KILL HIM? DID he explode? did sunlight hit him and he internally combust. WHAT. ON top of that we have CABLE INTERNET ACCESS (cuz I have no patience and have to have hi speed) SO not only was the tv out MY OTHER lifeline to the world.. THE INTERNET was down. OH GOOD LORD the world must be ending. THis totally sucks. SO YEs after my head spins 3 times to the left. I called Di and greta cuz I was sending them an email at the time. Explaining I wasnt being RUDE just the *&^%$%^& cable went out. POP it comes back on OH YES 2 minutes to spare on my show!!
WHAT .. COMMERCIALS OH ugh ugh! POP goes back off. WHAT is this some little idiot standing on the MAIN CORD AT the cable company goign HEHEHE this will tick them off really bad!
ALL I can say THEY BETTER BE GLAD it was just monday and NOT Tonight or tomorrow night when AMerican Idol is on... IM giving them advanced warning right now!

So what are your obcessions right now? are you as passionate about "your shows" as I am or do you like.. have a life? HEy BElla knows all about Jordin and BLake she has cheered and danced and said GO HOME SANJAYA with all of us. She even called a friend of mine to say WHEHEWEWWWWW when sanjaya got booted! She said he had CRAZY HAIR! ha!
SO tell me about your tv shows you just HAVE to watch?

You can post them in the BLOG CHALLENGE section at TREASURES TO SCRAP ~~~~> there is a link to the site in my links section.
(I would link you but blogger is being a pain in the butt today and not letting me link)
OFF to play group we gotta big day today! TOODLES!


Eminepala said...

Well I don't watch tv that often.. And the shows I watch are all dutch or turkish LOL


Leslie Ashe said...

STUPID TV!!!!!!!!!!

Gaspegirl said...

lol... I think that every child has to write on the walls at least once...