Sunday, May 06, 2007


SO how was your weekend? DId you get alot scrapped? There was soooooooo much going on this weekend with National Scrapbook Day. LOTS of fun for lots of scrappers. Here are a couple pages I did Between the carpet flood cleaning (don't even ask) and the chats, and the contests at Treasures.This was the BLING IT ON challenge.

THis was do a page about hair and I incorporated the pastel colors challenge in with that. The page and journaling is about when BElla cut her own hair and the arrows are pointing to the CHUNK she cut. Miss Melissa made her promise to never ever cut her own hair again.
This one was to alter monograms. This photo is of Bella and of her cousin Brelynn. They are so cute!! They had so much fun this day at the Pumpkin Patch. We dont get to see them as often as we want to :( The other challenge I incorporated was stitching and ribbons. (I used doodlebug rub on stitches)

ANd this one was for the Brad Challenge. SO I DID get a few pages done whehew. NOT as many as I wanted of course but on well.
I hope you got to have a scrappy weekend as well.

Bella is playing over at the neighbors so WE have not drawn for the Prize yet. WE WILL Announce it tomorrow in my next entry WHO WON THE KIDS CHALLENGE WHEHEW. ALL THE PAGES LOOK AWESOME. IM GIVING YOU ONE MORE DAY iF ANY MORE KIDS WANT TO PARTICIPATE.


jan williams said...

Nancy i was reading your Blog and read the part about her cousin and it still didn't click for a these are sooo good!!!

Adriann said...

Wow! You got quite a few pages done. I especially love "Cousins." The color and flow is awesome!

I only had a chance to complete one page and start on another. I have too much housekeeping. I need to go now so that I can iron our clothes for tomorrow.

Hopefully I can get a few pages in this week.

BTW I'm so loving the photo a day challenge. I'm glad you posted it on your blog.


Magpie9759 said...

Love your blog banner and the layouts you shared from the weekend.

elizabeth said...

girl these lo's rawk!!! you did an awesome job! it was a fun weekend and i'm glad that i could participate :)

Greta said...

fun weekend...i am sad i didn't get as many as i wanted done but oh well...

I have a layout from Mason and Melana just don't have it up yet.
but don't hold up the drawing go ahead and pick I will get it up when I can to share

Jamie said...

awesome stuff, girlfriend you been busy:)