Monday, May 07, 2007


OK here it goes: My bud Leslie tagged me for this and to do the 7 things. and 5 to 10 ways I come up with things to put on my blog... since I already did the 7 things I will do the 5 ways I come up with things for my blog rofl.

1. BELLA.. she is my biggest inspiration for everything. SHE IS SOOO FUNNY and cute. yes I KNOW everyone thinks THEIR child is the funniest cutest thing ever. MINE really is hehehehe. OK kidding. SHe is the cutest child I HAVE so there. We started this blog to update family and our friends all over the country (since we moved) with updated photos and happnings so I woulndt hve to send out 500 emails and it has evolved from there.

2. Family "happnins".. anything that is going on in the family that warrants notation. AND A FEW THAT DONT :)

3. NEWS.. world events, happnins or anything that bears repeating (an a few that might not hehe)

4. Scrapbookin'~ well this is the main thing that goes on in my life so it is the main thing I blog about. I put up the latest layouts I have done for my family to see and (you know I Scrap in triplicate so each gramma gets pages) I write about new products new events and any cool thing I think yall, my pals would want to know about. IF ya didn't I figure why the heck would you be reading my blog.. hehe
5. Pimpin my Treasures~ Yup, I pimp for Treasures To Scrap all the time. ANy time we have an event or new thing going on You will know it here On my blog. SHe gets in new cool products (she just got in those prima sprites and omg I have to have them) WHehew thank you Tracy for sending em to me.. YOU ROCK SISTA!

6. Accomplishments and set backs. It is a tough world out there and we make strides in both directions with my health. If you don't see a post for a few days my family knows it must be a bad week. My health can go from good to not good at all so fast with this crapp that it gets scary sometimes. BUT Thank GOD we are still here and cruisin along. I love my friends and family and thank you all soooo much for all your prayers. HOPEFULLY SOOON I can get out in the world again. (shingles keep coming back and going in as soon as we think im over it they come back so Im still on restrictions for now. NO GERMS PLEASE hehe)

OK so now I tag LETS SEEEEE.. ADRIAN, CHERYL, Greta, Elizabeth, Tracy, Di, Robin and all My Treasure friends :)

let me know when ya got cha tag up :)


Di Hickman said...

I'll do this tomorrow! I already got todays post almost ready to upload!

Greta said...

I will do mine right now to add to all my scrappy

just give me afew and check back by 5...

Melanie said...

Nancy, I love all of your layouts on here!! You really do AWESOME work!

Melanie C

Adriann said...

Nancy, gee thanks :) Now I have to everyone why I'm addicted to blogging LOL!

I will try to put something up tomorrow.


Jill said...

Oh my goodness - those banner pictures are absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can only imagine that that little character would be an inspiration!!!!

Di Hickman said...