Sunday, May 27, 2007


TOday is a chill out relax recoup day for us. I had the most HORRIBLE headache. SInus stuff nothing would make go away yesterday and this morning. BUT I THINK after a hot hot hot shower it is finally loosening up. SO tired from the last two weeks. SOOOOO happy to have my hubby back home. As I sit here right now I can hear Bella and Eva caroline (her best friend from acros the street) Playing in the pool (kiddie pool) in the back yard. THey are squealing and giggling. IT is music for my soul. NOTHING is sweeter than hearing them playing so happily and having so much fun in the coool refreshing water. It is such a blessing to live across the street from a little girl the same age as Bella. They love each other so much. THey play so good together.

I am locked in my scrap room today getting my Design Team projects finished for TREASURES TO SCRAP. WE have an awesome sponsor this month and I am droooling over these papers. SO MUCH FUN! SO I guess I better get back to scrappin time! YALL have fun today. WHat are you guys doing on this beautiful SUnday? link me back so I can be sure to comment on your blogs :)


Leslie Ashe said...

Oh man that pool looks FUN!!!!!!!! Such cute pics...LOVE 'em!

Adriann said...

Happy Scrappin!

Di Hickman said...

too cute! love that paddling pool great colors!

Laura Fiore said...

The layout is so fun Nancy, and the pool photos are spectacular!! Can't wait to see what you scrap with those!!

Love her magic word!!

Angel said...

aahh! Simple Pleasures! We did the kiddie pool "thing" today too!
Best $30 spent yet... all 3 kids in one contained space and lovin it
MOM sitting in one spot for longer than 5 minutes... PRICELESS!!!!
Have a Happy Holiday!

heather g. said...

Those pics are AWESOME!!! I KNOW you can find some polka dottie papers to go with that cute freakin pool! Did you buy it just because the pattern was CUTE??? ADMIT IT, YOU ADDICT, YOU!!!