Friday, May 11, 2007


THANK YOU DAWNE! I got a rak in the mail from her today another one of the Micheals stamps WHEHEW I dont have that one THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ROCK SISTA! THANK YOU SO MUCH! ALot going on here for a Friday. Had to go grocery shopping we were out of almost everything! My hubby got me this FABULOUS chair from BElla for Mother's day to go in my scrap room. BElla calls it my "crappin chair" which ummm Im thinking not. BUT It is really comfy and cool. A LITTLE TALLER than I realized but I love it. I have to go back later and dont want to. GOt Bella a swim suit and its too small. SHe is SOOOOO long waisted. SO we gotta go up to a 6. GEEZ my kid is gonna be tall like her daddy. IM gonna need this tall "crappin chair" to get up where I can fuss at her and make sure she hears me hahahaha. I will be back and add photos soon we have a scheduled outage today on blogger and wanted to get this up before then. GOT to go get "crappin" GOt projects due AHHHHH! ITS beginning to look like CHristmas in my scrap room and UGHMM can you say IT IS WAYYY TOO HOT to be doing Christmas pages but THat is what was requested so... gotta get it done. HOPE you have a lovely Friday whehew its THE WEEEKENDDDDD!!!


Di Hickman said...

I hear ya on the christmas stuff! 95 outside and I'm making Christmas projects? so wrong!

Adriann said...

Have a Happy Mother's Day!

Heather G. said...

You lucky lucky girl! I've been to two different stores and they look at me like i have 2 heads! LOL!