Sunday, February 24, 2008


OR as BELLA said WE HAD A GIYULL PAWTY! I have to say we had SOOOOO MUCH FUN! IT felt sooo good to see them again and finaly meet Simone and Josie. I have talked to Simone online for a while, I had never talked to Josie before but had heard so much about her. I have to say omgosh they are just as sweet, funny and cool as they are online and as Greta and Elizabeth have said they were.
I had such a good time.

I was terrified how it was gonna turn out. I had a "sinker" (a not feelin' so good spell) right before they got here. I was getting dressed before they came over and put on my make up.. you may remember how Bella decorated herself with my make up and her school uniform and I had to rebuy make up. well.. I have shingles on my ear and a little on the side of my face and neck still not real bad they just look like bumps sorta. so I just didnt put it on that spot and put it on the rest of my face. OMGOSH SET ME ON FIyahhHH and it swoll up and turned blood red was itching. omgosh it was horrible. so I had half my make up on, seriously like the dude on Batman.

It calmed down after gobbing on this cream I have that I put on my shingles so that worked out thank god. I am just glad it wasnt in my eye and me lookin like quassimotto.

I have to share some photos with yall. FIRST I wanna show you, Yesterday while we were cleaning what I found. Some of you have already heard this story so you can just skip this part and get onto todays headlines if you want ::wink:: I have this antique sewing machine in the foyer, well I had a entire crop of dust bunnies under it and they had had babies and grand babies and neices and nephews and were just partying up a storm, family reunionin' under there. so IT was time to bid them farewell with my super hand dandy swiffer thingy. SO I bend down and am gonna swiffer it and I see THIS:
OK if you are going HUH? what am I looking at.. that is an Angel that is fiber optic (lights up) and obviously my daughter thought she needed some decoratin'
here are some close ups of how she "altered her"

she used to have a violin in her hand and was playing it. Well thats gone.. so is her hand... and she has a car under her wing. She is also holding a ball bearing and playing with a yo yo.....
So I call her over and ask her what was up with this... "what was the car under her wing for". She cops an attitude with me and says "MOMMY! For her to RRRRRRRRRRIIIIiiiidddddeeeee" ughmm OK.. just wanted to clear that one up..

so anyway that cracked me up and I had to take a picture. YUP I foresee a scrapbook page on that.

Back to today, We had a blast. John cooked hot wings (3 different kinds) and a pork loin (or if your my mom its called a "pork lion"). GOt the little subs to go with, Then I made Cilantro dip and cause it's my giyull 'Lizbeths birthday on tuesday and she is RURRRNNNT! (southern for ruined) I made her some without cilantro... yeah I know, all I made was salsa with some shredded cheese in it huh hahahha. We had that, John was a sweetie and cut up all the stuff to go in it cause of my hands. How much does he rock!! PLUS he made some crunchy bread and this stuff that goes on it. I can't ever 'member what it's called.
so we stuffed ourselves sick on all that goodness and get this, he cleaned the kitchen while we chatted it up. Yeah they almost fell OUT. Couldnt believe it wanted to TAKE MY MAN home with them. Sorry giyulls he is mine. I love ya and all but would have to kill ya. Im too spoiled, so yall cant have him. Besides I kinda worship the ground he walks on and stuff. hehehe I mean wouldn't you???

We all chatted and had a great time dug through albums and mini books and hung out for a while. Bella started breaking out in hives (she had petted Guido but wouldnt admit it) and was all red and splotchy. She was getting into everything so they saw first hand how "quick" she is rofl. (dont worry no hair was harmed)

SO Max, Simone's adorable and funny son whom I would steal in a heartbeat from her, toook some pics.

Here are my girls Greta and Elizabeth. THey crack me up. You say let me take your picture and they just fall to position in 10 secs flat and snap .. perfect photo. We were tryin' to get a photo of us and it was like: ok, your eyes are closed. Oh, wait it's blurry. Oh wait! You were gettin a string off your boob,,, errrr... don't ask but ughmmm I AM SOOO KNOWIN' that picture will be up on a blog soon enough bwahahahaha....

Yeah I know some of them are blurry and funny faces etc, but that is ok. I know Greta and Lizbeth are taking more for me lol ALso cant wait to see the photos that Josie and Simone took. Max was taking some as well. He is so cute. Bella liked him she said HE was funny Mommy. I asked her if she still liked Brayden she said yes he was her boy. But maybe when she is older she can like Max I busted out laughing I said well Max will be older too.. she said OH.. well I willjust have to like Brayden then.. so .. sorry Max.. she is spoken for. hahah I think he has 2 OTHER Little 4 and 5 year old girls after him as well (lizbeth's Bella and Greta's Malena) haha Watch out Simone he is gonna be gettin coloring pages in the mail from his women down here. ::grins::
WEll dunno about you but IM SOOO exhausted. I had a great time today but IM so tired. IM about to settle down for some "Rock of Love 2" and then hit the bed.



Lynn said...

wowowow. what fun!!! and bella - sigh. she's an adventure. so glad you had a great time w/the gyulls??? lol!! looks like everyone had fun. and whatta man. he's a keeper for sure. can't wait to see all the creations.

jan williams said...

I am so GLAD you had a good time!!! GIRL YOU SO DESERVE IT!!!!! Love that scrap room I have got to come down and play!!!LOL And YES JOHN IS SUPER!!!!!LOVE HIM!!!

Jessi Gribbin said...

You look like you had a blast girly! And I have to say, I am soooo jealous of your scrappy space. Maybe one day my room will gave the same aweseomness!

Gaspegirl said...

I am so glad that you were able to have some fun Nancy - hope that you are feeling much better! And btw, your scrap room is to die for...

Lynnise said...

Nancy, I'm so glad you had a fun day. Being cooped up is just NO FUN!

Wendy Reed said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh looks like you all had fun!!!

Snaps girl... you have your own store! LOL


Amanda Ann said...

so glad you had a good time!!
holy smokes you scrapping room ROCKS!!!

Trish said...

What fun! And I love how you relate it!!! Good storyteller! Love the photos; fabulous scraproom!

Cheryl Wray said...

This sounds like such a GREAT time!!!!! good for you for having a girls night with your buddies!!!! I need to have a scrap night sometime soon!

Lisa Turley said...

Looks like yall had a great time!!! :) I love your scrappy space -- I want to come play!! :) :)

Greta said...

OMG NANCY!!!! bwhahahahahahaha girl that pic of simone and josie with the "signs" is cracking me up.....bwhahahahaha

And ummm yeah i am coming over and stuffing john in a trunk...i am still in awww over that...bwhahaha

We will be back over you don't worry about that...and we had a freaking blast!!!

I love you girl

karen (akaliz) said...

looks like you gals had such an awesome time!!! love your scrap room!

SpAzzGiRL said...

WE are the ones who were lucky to visit with you! You are a hoot woman and your man should be tethered to the house because someone (me!) will steal him for sure!
Thanks for having us yankees over and feeding us so well and the laughs.
I hope you feel better soon, very soon!!

k-joi studios said...

oh wow! you finallygot your room finished! I'm greenwith envy.