Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Im scrappin' MY Crapp

So my buds Greta and Simone are doin' a challenge blog called Scrap Your Crap.
and IM ALL OVER IT cuz I gotta put a dent in my stash.
so here is what I did....
I used some Christmas paper from basic grey and soem other older basic grey and some creative imaginations pp that is valentines...
I used buttons from making memorys and some doodlebug sugar (LOVE THAT STUFF) on my basic grey wilma letters (LOVE THAT FONT. Also some liquid pearls (whehew love that too) oh that prima butterfly that I pop dotted. YEAH I KNOWWWWW I left an L out of the title I just found it... so Im gonna fix that if I can.. if not then ooops..

St. Paddys Day is or would have been my mom and dad's anniversary. It is a depressing day for my mom since daddy got killed. soooooooOOOOOo I always flood her with cards and stuff that week for ST. Paddys day to kinda make her smile a little.
here are the ones I have made so far to mail her.
These are from the Rusty Pickle LUCKY LINE I LOVE me some Rusty Pickle lately. Their stuff has rocked this past show. I like a couple of the new lines coming out but not as much as the last cha releases.

I am still working on them so I can start mailing them all out.

Some good news: Bella's hair actually doesn't look that bad after we washed it and stuff. when I pull it back in a barette you can't really tell it was cut up just like maybe we layered it in spots .. sorta. The bangs is the worst part. I have this fear she is gonna have this big STRAIGHT UP piece like Dennis the Mennis in her Easter Photos.

Other news.. I got my box back yesterday that I had sent over seas for a pub. I had several layouts coming out in a well known over seas magazine. I DONT THINK this is their fault I think it is the LOVERLY US POSTAL SERVICE..... I have had MANY GRIPES with them and OH lord do I have a big one right now.
My box looked like literally a herd of elephants played soccer with it. or do you remeber that american tourister I think it was called luggage commercial where the gorilla jumps up and down and throws the suitcases all over tarnation? well ughmm YEAH that is what my box looked like. MY HEART SANK. My layouts were dinged up a little nothing that some adhesive won't fix but man I could just imagine them CRUMPLED to the max in side that box holy cow. I know one of them is gonna be in the September edition of the magazine more info on that later when I get more info.

I have been scrappin like crazy trying to catch up on some things. I was looking through Bella's books and noticed that I have been slackin on some of the eventish type pages like for Easter and things.. I dont do pastels well.. that is my trouble area. so Maybe that is why I always put those to the back. BUT I KNOW we have a big field trip coming up next month for Easter with her class I CANNOT WAIT to go on.
Maybe I can borrow that hap hazard suit from teh EPA so I can start getting out some... Im thinking a motorcycle helmet and leather gloves and stuff woudl be cool lookin I mean if you gotta go and do stuff at least you can cool it while ya try to stay germ free.. Oh well was a thought... guess Im stayin my butt home since we all just had the flu but THAT IS JUST IT... I have been staying home 'cept going to the dr and STILLLLLLLLLL got the friggin flu!! so ya cant win.


OH OH OH.. I have almost forgotten to tell you. Treasures to Scrap has done their re grand opening of the store. HER EVERY DAY PRICES NOW.. ARE 35% OFF every day retail price! YEAh. that is pretty cheap huh. SHe is getting more and more product in all the while I know she has basic grey coming and has cosmo cricket coming I want to say she told me in the next week or so?
She has alot of kits up too that are really cheap now since she is doing the 35% off. THIS IS a great time to stock up on stuff. She has the ranger paint dabbers TONS OF bazzill, doodlebug jewels and sugared stuffs. She has the Tim Holtz crackle paint (not much of it but all of it is on order and will be here soon she says) we all have been DAROOOOLING OVER. but she has limited supplies of the stuff right now.. I know she said she is ordering more to restock with and all but who knows when it will get here. SO ughmm if you have been drooling over that new grungeboard (I USED IT ON THE CARD witht he irish poem on it) she has that too so ughmm HELLOOOOO 35% off IM all over that! so you better beat my butt to it cuz if Im gonna get in trouble IM gonna make it worth it bwahahhahaha.
she has the sugar glitter I used in that layout on the letters too. She has alot of Doodlebug stuff (flowers buttons so much cute stuff)heck she may have that paper she found alot of older stuff and put it online since she is runnin' stuff so low now. OH I almost forgot flowers HOLY COW just put flowers in the search thingy at the top and see what all comes up its insane. SO go check it out. She is clearing out some inventory so get your order in.
If you like for someone else to put your stuff together for you that matches so you dont have to worry about it. BE SURE AND check out the kits

She wanted to get the word out about this fantastic deal so I told her I would put it on my blog and tell all yall. So tell her I said HI!

OK this is gettin' REALLLY LONG and yall have shoppin' to do so IM OUT OF HERE to go scrap some more of my crap! hehe toodles!



Wendy said...

Bwahahahaha, love the name of your challenge blog!!! :)

Super cute layout too!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh gonna have to check that site OUT!!!


Leslie Ashe said...

Hey Nancerella!! So glad you're up and feeling better!! I miss ya tons!

Your layout is fabulous girl! :)
Thanks for the info on the site! I'll be goin! HEY CMK is having a crop this weekend!! You comin' over? I am doing a challenge!!!!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

love your layouts and cards gal.. So so sorry about Bella's hair.. Kacee did that too about her age.. oh my the things us mom's go through...
thanks for the plug about the store too.. Yup lots of new stuff coming in.. CC said they are shipping on the 28th.. whohooooo
gotta make room!!! BG and the Cropadile coming shortly.. ranger crackle paints etc..
luv your gutz gal!!!!
co-owner of TTS

Preemie Mom said...

Love that wilma font with the sugar on it!!


scrappermimi said...

Wht a great post, so much to see and read. SOrry about you boxes but you did give me a laugh! Congrats on the pubs and love your projects too!

Great deals at TTS too! Woo HOO

jan williams said...

Oh Nancy You are a nut girl!!! Motor cycle helmet!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!

KarenSue said...

dd sent me a package from London, and it arrived in very similar shape!!

I don't know what they do,
practice cricket?

Jess said...

Just gorgeous stuff! Love that layout so much.

Ki said...

I sooooo totally don't understand what they do with boxes at the post office - do they play catch with them? Soccer perhaps? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! Love your page too and all the cards for your Mom - what a sweet idea!

DebW said...

So glad you're scrappin like crazy! To me that is a sign you're feeling good!! Love the LO and cards! As always, awesome stuff!