Thursday, February 07, 2008

love and prayers

I made this for my hubby for Valentines day. (he has already seen it) I love these little books they are so cute and fun to make.

Im a little distracted right now. We just got the news that my mother in law was admitted to the hospital. She has the flu and Pnumonia and isn't doing real good. My sister in law just told me she is doing better than she was but she still needs alot of prayers and for the meds to work. So Im gonna cut this short today. SO please say a prayer for her. The flu is hurting a lot of people this year. (my dr's have pretty much banned me from the public since my immune system is suck right now) so wash your hands alot and if someone sneezes run.. run like the wind lol.

Here is a prayer for mA that she gets to feeling better soon. Wish we coudl be there with her but she knows that well they have banned me from going. grrrrrr.


jan williams said...

Nancy i am praying you John's Mom and Yall!!! I hope she is better soon!!!!

DebW said...

Great book! Thinking of MIL...lots of prayers and good wishes.

rhonda said...

Hope your mil gets a quick and full recovery. Being under the weather---and having to be in the hospital is no fun.

LOVE your little mini-album. I did one for my dh a couple of years ago for v-day. It was a big hit!

Anonymous said...

great book hope your MIL feels better!!

Julie said...

Prayers going up!! I absolutely love the gift you made for your DH for Valentine's Day!!

Kathy said...

I hope your mother-in-law gets better really soon!

LOVE your mini album!

Lynnise said...

WOWsers I lOVE this book! The papers and embellies you chose look just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing it with us. Thanks also for commenting on my blog, Your amaaazing blog has me inspired to make mine more interesting- to bad my knowledge doesn't keep up with my want to LOL!

Still praying for you mil any update?

NancyJones said...

YES My mother in law is doing ALOT BETTER! SHE IS AT HOME, now if we can keep her away from work... till she heals... we will be doing great!!!

Thank yall for your prayers. I need to update my blog but Im going 90 to nothin today lol

Anonymous said...

John's Mom is still in my prayers.

Sooo cute as always Nancy.

Jaci said...

I'm glad to hear your MIL is doing better. I hope she takes it easy and continues to heal.
I gave you some love on my blog. Come by and check it out.

Hope you're all well! Bella is still cute as a button :)


Scrappytbear said...

Love love love your book! Great job! Keeping your MIL in my thoughts!

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

glad to hear that she is out of the hospital and home..
Love your book gal.. it is awesome as usual!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

That is the cutest little book!!!!

Praying your MIL is better soon!

Sharon said...

Hello. I have enjoyed looking at all the beautiful things you have created.
I will keep you MIL in my prayers. The flue is bad here right now also.
Yours is the first playlist I have ever seen that I could totally listen to the whole thing and not have to skip a song !
Take care of yourself. I have fibro and know these bugs can get us if we don't take care.
God bless.