Thursday, December 20, 2007

beginning to look like CHRISTMAS

Finally it started cooling off some. We had a HUGE temperature drop that put me in the bed with what felt like broken bones (aint Lupus fun!) but now I think also it was these stupid Shingles coming back. The dr switched me back to the other medicine and IT JUST doesnt work soooo.. now it is back on my face ear and my back. If you have ever had a bad sunburn how it feels when you lay on the bed with a badly sunburned back.. well that is how it kinda feels except on the lesion or bumps that are open it is well.. It just hurts I guess is the best way to say it,. so I havent been on alot. I did before all this started ... AGAINNNN! get some scrapping done. Im gonna call this dr back and tell him this stuff is NOT working today so MAYBEEE this wont look so... FREAKISH by Christmas :( so say a prayer if you would.

Here are the gifts that I CAN SHOW YOU.. That I have made.

I made this for Bella's Teacher It holds Eye glasses. Her favorite team is Auburn and boy is it her favorite. Hope she likes it.
I also made her a Christmas ornament for her Tree. Bella helped! Im sure she has one but not one THat BELLA helped make hahaha.
This is for John's mom's 12 x 12 album she wanted more pages so I hooked her up. I made 11 pages so far to go in it. Here are just a few. With photos from last christmas and this year.
OK so this one the photo is Older but I had been meaning to scrap this to go in her book and forgot it wasnt in there so... scratch that last year and last christmas since Bella was 2 in this pic above, lol
This last year Nana's Sister Stephy and her husband Evans came down for business and Got to meet Bella for hte first time, It was an instant love connection. Bella just LOVES her and asks about her all the time especially when we paint her nails.
Bella was so scared Santa woudlnt be able to find her last year since we were at Nana and Papa's in Mississippi. I told her not to fear that santa always found the children ont he nice list.. BOY SHE MUSTA BEEN REAL GOOOOD! WE had to enlist my mother's van to help us get all of her stuff home hahahahahaa

Ok This is it for now I must go back to bed. Gonna beg that dr to put me back on the other meds that made me well faster. I SOOOO DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS so many more gifts to make and the clock is ticking.. I wonder if this is how the elves feel at Santa's workshop the week of Christmas hahahaahhaaBella has her school program and Christmas party at school today. John is going to take photos and video it for me since I wont be able to go :( BElla is going to look soooo cute in her dress I can't wait to see the tape when he gets back. I will upload the photos to show you after he gets home and I can get them on the computer.


chronic chick said...

I feel your pain, I had the shingles before too, guess a complocation of compromissed immune systerm. Mine was brought on by an allergic reaction to a med. Would u like to exchange links?

chronic chick said...

mine was caused by the med sulfizidine if it helps. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Kids and Lupus make it twice as hard.