Sunday, December 23, 2007

Prayer Request

It is with great sadness I tell you that Our dear freind and loved one Billy Hall died this past Friday. I just found out so I am just letting you know the ones that have been praying for him and his family on his recovery. I know they thank you so much. Please remember them in the next few days as well since I KNOW it will be so very hard for them. He was a very fun person I can't remember a time not knowing him or his family. We all grew up together and were like family. It is times like these I hate living so far away. My heart goes out to Ladora and Jamie and Christopher. His grandson and his many neices and nephews, Also To Billy's parents and brothers and sisters. They are a large family. That really needs our prayers and our love right now. So please just say an extra for them and light a special candle tonight. Thank you.
We will miss you Billy Hall.

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