Wednesday, December 26, 2007

well a few of the photos anyway...

I promised a few photos then Blogger decided it would go on vacation and not let me upload photos but I DID get a few in before it did that. I HOPE to get the rest of them up soon I AM SORRY FAMILY!! It says they are working on it though (???)

Bella is still coughing but DOES SOUND SOOOOOO much better. NOt down in her chest with that barking sound anymore. She has a dr appt at 6:40 TONIGHT. Yeah and JOhn called at 5 minutes after they opened today that was the soonest we could get in.. obviously alot of sick babies right now. IT didn't seem to slack her up none yesterday or today so she isn't too bad. I will show you the photos of her riding her bike through my house (yes it was almost scary) as soon as Blogger is back up.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

She loved her island princess doll and told me LOOK MOMMY an ISLAND baby just LIKE NANA! how sweet is that!

After a hard day of opening presents she sacked out up against her daddy CLUTCHING HER NEW CAMERA.... She is her mommy's child after all haha. SHe played hard and was exhausted. we let her sleep sitting up for a while because that way she didnt cough (my poor baby!!)

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Betty said...

Love the picture of her sleeping next to your husband