Thursday, January 17, 2008


OK sorry I didnt post yesterday having AOL issues and and also working my tail off getting ready for:


We are doing a challenge a day with tutorials and samples!! (so Im having to make the pages do step by step tutorials and photos to go with) so Yes I have been VERY BUSY!
JOHN just sent me and EMAIL with a PHONE IN IT HE CAN GET A SCREAMIN DEAL ON WHEEWWWHEWWWWW! I know most of you know my phone won't hold a charge and sometimes it works most times it dont.. MAKES ME CRAZY!! THE OLD ONE I HAD was dropped 9 thousand times till it died. This one is Johns old one and it was fine but then the little connector thing to charge it is not working right. AND the power wont stay on.
SO hopefully by MONDAY.. that will be remedied! BElla LOVES my phone. She gets it and pretends she is talking on it and will put it in her purse or her shopping cart... I don't know how many times I have had to ask my pals online to CALL ME SO I CAN FIND MY PHONE!!! well that doesn't work anymore... I need to when I can get the power working good get all my numbers off of it and print them off, sad huh I dont know the numbers I just know that I hit J and it calls JOHN. I know bad huh!

SO ANYWAY.. sorry if yall called. I have it on now. but ... IT is not holding a charge :(
Bella is all excited today is DONUT day at school. Tomorrow they are out half a day and then out of school on Monday. So she is pumped! I am going to be scrapping my heart out! I have all my challenges done but I really wanted to do a few more samples for it... we will see. I have one more tutorial to write and IM DONE!!!

I have some submissions to get finished up that I got call backs for so that is good. Don't get too excited mama I get called now but they dont come out till like JUNE. I have some sooner than that but I did the work for them like last year haha. That is one of the hard things with this scrapbook stuff. It is hard to get excited and then wait for 6 months BUT THAT IS OK it is worth it. The good lord has been good to us and helping us make up for the additional medical stuff that this LOVELY INSURANCE that we have (DO NOT GET ME STARTED AGAIN) since Johns company changed and so did the LOVELY insurance ::insert major eyeroll:: THe worse part is the medication I have to take. ITS SOOOOO EXPENSIVE. THAT IS why we stay in. I cant get out much. He said ONE bout of the flu can wipe me out. So we are being germ freaks and washing the hands like monk and I stay in. I have picked Bella up a few times from school but I stay in my car, I do not get out around the kids. AND YES LIKE MONK. I have wipes in my car and wash bellas hands when she gets in. hahaha I KNOW crazy crazy but you do what you have to do so you stay out of the hospital! I have after Friday 4 more weeks!!!! Till the worst is over and I can get out more. (ok so maybe that is a warning hahaha)

I miss my friends really bad BUT I HAVE GOTTEN ALOT OF SCRAPPING DONE!!! (to keep sane!!!)
(if you can call me sane. oh shut up Windale)

COME ON To THE CHALLENGE BLAST WE are doing a fun challenge every day and a Technique so to speak. IT is really going to be fun and we can't wait for you to come play.
WE have a ton of cool prizes to get out and fun things to do. SO come on and have a great time with us, get some pages finished and win some great prizes to boot!



Lynn said...

okay sane would be an operative word. smirk. can't wait to see the challenges thrown down. impatiently even.

jan williams said...

OMG Woman That song haunted me til I fell asleep and the you had to remind me again!!!