Saturday, January 05, 2008

Is it Saturday already?

Wow this week is FLYING by. Bella is savoring the last few days of no school. Her Grandma is here so she is all full of being spoiled.
She got a cute Miss Patty Cake Christmas video and it has these little present boxes you open, In each one have a different meaning of Christmas... and something to do with the nativity story. It is so awesome. Although she got some little Dora people also and she added them to the nativity. I told her I didn't think Dora and Boots were in Bethlehem that night. She said THEY COULD HAVE BEEEEEEN! so I had to explain how it wasn't in the bible. We may have to touch on that more later lol.

If you don't know who miss patty cake is.. boy are you missing out. She is like ok how can I relate this to something everyone will understand... kinda like The Wiggles. Only, she is 1 person, and she does Christian stuff and tells about Jesus while teaching them these little songs that they sing over and over and over till you want to run through the house holding your head in pain, while ripping out your ear drums, and drooling, BUT ID RATHERRRR her watch that than spongeflippinbob square pants cause he is even more annoying on my list of things that make me run through the house :: see above text ::

so anyway if you have little kids and you want them to sit still and totally be engrossed in something for 45 minutes so you can go shower or something.. Here is her website where you can get her videos but you can also get them at family life christian bookstores and website. SHE REALLY IS AMAZING. its just while IM on this medication her voice just hits that nerve in my neck that makes me wanna well.. see that part about the running and the screaming and yanking my hair and eardrums blah blah yeah that...

OK another thing Bella got yesterday. Well we all got happy mail from Nana. She had to exchange some jeans she bought Bella for Christmas and John's socks because well.. he only wears black socks with his work stuff.. just in case you needed to know that.
Yeah I know .. yall know way too much about us already but if you don't wanna know I figured you woulda done clicked that red x up yonder on the top right corner by now and not be wasting your time reading my blog.. Mainly its for our family and friends that live all over THE WORLD so they can see what all we are doing and my scrapbook pages, BUT IF YOU ARE still reading. HI and Thank you haha.
SO anyway.. nana sent happy mail for Bella. She got what she calls a "neckedluss and muse'get box" translation? its a jewelry box that plays music.
She is totally obsessed with it. I'm surprised it is not in the bed with her right now. She carried it all over the house after she got it.

EVEN TO THE BATHROOM. In case you need to hear tunes while you potty and watch the ballerina dance round in circles for entertainment while you errr.. potty. SO here are a couple pics of that. Yeah it is really cute!! (THANKS NANA) she sent me some stamps to go on my new stamp shelf (like my other two my father in law made me THANKS PAPA) and some other buttons and stuff that rock. I didn't take a photo of them... sorry.

On another note. I told you I would show you the updated photo of the layout I did of my nephew. since he was revolted by the flowers lol. Here is the new one with STARS I think that he approved this one so far. so here ya go. I KNOW I KNOW some of you will fuss cause you liked the flowers but.. HE ISSSSSSSSSSS a boy ya know and THEY WERE flowers. I don't want him to have something he doesn't like. Especially if it is gonna be pubbed.

I hope you have a good Saturday. My mom is here so I am not sure how much I will be online. I know she had some places she wants to go and since I STILL can't get out much yet... I will probably get some stuff done I need to. Have a good day!


Lynn said...

omg! snort. love that you find the HUMOR. lol. she is sooo stinkin cute and its wonderful how she just loves everything!!!!

DebW said...

What a great day for Bella! I remember my sister had a music box with the ballerina. We used to try and lift the lid just enough to see her struggle to dance....bad girls we were!
Have a good visit wirh Mom!

jan williams said...

Bella bug is so dang cute!!!!

Sosa's Wife said...

You are a RIOT! Such great humor, and I love the new look of the LO with the stars! I'm sure it did make him much happier, love those colors! Maybe the Miss Patty Cake songs will die down after a month or so! LOL...
But I'm with you, better that than Spongebob! Ugh, I can't see how they make that for children sometimes...TFS!

Susie said...

Bella is just so darn photogenic!! Great photos!!!