Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow what...

Yesterday I worked with the Heidi Grace line of papers that had snow designs on them. I couldn't stop touching these papers. They are all flocked with felt on them (say that fast 3 times lol) and they just feel so good to the touch. HOW perfect it was to use this photo of my Neice dog, Indy.
I used the flocked papers and I cut out the snowflakes. I added some jewels to jazz things up. I cut the title out with the cricut and used the doodlebug sugar to jazz them up a bit.
THe journaling says: OK, SO it snowed. I see it. Its all over the place. It is even on my nose. I get it. This doesn't happen very often here. You human people wanna go play in it. WEIRDO'S. We have come out here and seen this "SNOW" so can we PLEASEEE go back inside where it is warm now?????
INDY and the snow of 08.

NOTE she is sitting on TOP of the picnic table so her feet wont touch the snow rofl. Can't say I blame her.

I still am organizing and working today. Still getting my thoughts together and figuring out what we are going to do. It is coming down to the fact I am going to have to figure out how to juggle and do online designing and bring in the money. I can focus on the money aspect which is the publishing and the behind the scenes work that I love, OR leave it in someone elses hands to if I get paid or not. Whichever way it goes I know God will lead me in the direction I need to go. He is making it PRETTY OBVIOUS what I need to do. I hate not having guarantees and we know stress = shingles. Which in turn... cost more money. More money for meds, more dr appts, and not being able to do the studys where my lupus treatments and tests are taken care of. SO.. with that said I still have to keep praying and just do what I gotta do. BUCKLE DOWN and FOCUS. Which is hard for me. I am easily distracted. Part of adhd/ocd I dunno but I do have a hard time with it. It could even be medication related. BUt what do you do.. You have to take the meds. So anyway. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the prayers and thoughts and sweet emails and phone calls from my family and friends. Thank you for supporting me and trying to help me figure all this out so things can settle down. MUCHO LOVE TO YOU! I know one thing. I will be so happy when Flu season is over and I can get out in the world without having to do a MONK hand wash routine. I know.. its part of my life and I have to deal with it but I miss interaction with humans other than my kid and hubby. THank GOD for the internet.


jan williams said...

Love this layout girlfriend!!!!! And hopefully you will come to a decision soon!!!!
Love Ya!

Leslie Ashe said...

Your layout is SUPER SUPER cute Nancy!! I love it! Love you bunches!

karen (akaliz) said...

that doggie is soo sweet! love that lo.
i said a prayer too. it was pretty vague, but i'm sure He knows what it's all about! :)