Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Bama? OH......

MELTED SNOW... I GET IT.. YOu mean THE KIND of snow that is also known as RAIN????
BElla wants SNOW very badly. EVERY morning she looks at me and says.. "is it snow?" I say "Nope baby its sand" Im awaiting the day she looks at the sky and exclaims "its sanding mommy its sanding!!" I try to explain to her
we don't live in a "SNOW FRIENDLY" climate. That we live in a "SAND FRIENDLY" climate. You know the one... that is close to the Gulf of Mexico?
Being 4 she hasn't learned that quite yet but we are working on it. YES we do get the occasional flake and I DO MEAN other than your weekend wander at walmart people watching kinda flake.. falling here in Mobile, Alabama but IT AINT REAL OFTEN. Matter of fact in the 3 and 1/2 years we have lived here, it snowed 1(ONE) uno yes singular TIME! Luck would have it we went home to Mississppi and it didn't snow there.. just here. WHY? cuz that is how our luck ussually works. Its ok she was too little to really understand snow yet anyway.

I know really we are not prepared for it to snow. I mean think about it. We have a following of old people here that flock as far down south as you can get without actually leaving America, to get warm. So just think ... all those people.. plus everyone here that is not used to the cold, attempting to drive in the snow. DID YOUR BRAIN JUST EXPLODE? yeah you get it then. It brings back memories of driving in central Mississippi in the snow. Its about the same. Not used to snow much there either. I remember my mom sending my brother to the trading post.. what yall don't have a little store called Tommy's Trading Post there? Ok well hang tight.. well you have to go around this GARGANTUOUS S curve then hang a sharp left kinda back down a little hill while turning left and there is a HUGEEEE drop off ditch... RIGHT THERE. THE one that when my brother turned the wheels for us to go to said "Trading Post" we were staring at thinking "THIS IS IT Lizbeth We comin to join ya!" Well being 8 years old the first thing that came to mind was Oh crapp freak out but instead of that coming out my mouth I said " WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee" The look of shock and disbelief on my brothers face was well worth it. Of course the fingerprints I left in the oh crapp bar on the door you hang on to when my mother was driving.. are probly still there.

Having all that said.. I guess Im kinda glad its not snowing in Mobile. It's raining. Its cold and that magical glimpse of OH IT might just SNOW is in BElla's eyes today. Even though I have told her that the weather man said ITS NOT gonna snow its just gonna rain. But when your 4 you still believe in the possibilities of the maybe.. MAYBE it will snow, MAYBE mommy will let me sleep in THEIR BED TONIGHT.. MAYBE I can have skittles for Breakfast.
so... Maybe just MAYBE... It will snow in Mobile.

NO matter if it is raining, or Snowing.. or as Bella says SUNNING.. You can still come by today and check out our day 2 of the CHALLENGE BLAST. Yesterday was GREAT FUN and today there will be another AWESOME CHALLENGE PUT UP. SO come play with us and win some fabulous prizes and have a BLAST! Here is the page I did for yesterdays Challenge. You can see the tutorial and the challenge details right ....> HERE<~~~
and MAYBE ... JUST MAYBE..... well ... You already know hehe.


TanishaRenee said...

Nancy, you are too funny! I hope one of these days Bella gets the snow she wants. Loooove the layouts, the pic on rain drops is too cute!

Raechelle said...

I wish it would snow just for sweet little Bella's sake. If I could package some of ours up and send it down your way I would.
Your layouts are beautiful!!!

Amanda Ann said...

Those LO's are awesome!!
And thanks so much for leading me to Scrap Diner! It is awesome!!!

Peta Boardman said...

Lovely lo's chick..Hope it snows soon for little Bella sack..hehe

karen (akaliz) said...

how cute...skittles for b-fast! love the rain drop layout!

chronic chick said...

An idea maybe make a snow globe with her. And tell her honey here's the snow in the globe till we see the "real thing. My daughter use to think it was so great, well know its a pain. hey why not have a "snow" party. :)

DebW said...

Sweet, sweet Bella....maybe next year if Mommy feels good you can come to NY and see the giant Christmas tree and all the snow you want! You can come visit me anytime!

Nicole said...

very cute layouts!