Thursday, January 10, 2008

OH man lets catch up!

OK Okaay. I KNOW I have totally sucked at this taking a picture a day thing. BUT TRUST ME... The last week... what my life entailed... Kodak not only would refuse to print, you wouldn't wanna look at it. I have to admit, it wasn't as bad this time as times before, even though there were more. Maybe I am getting used to it if there is a tolerance for such. But, I would rather give birth to a 10 lb infant than pass the miniscule droplet dot of sand that is considered a kidney stone. I have been in this horrendous cycle so to speak, of shingles.. take the medication... get kidney stones.. pass them... kidney infection, get shingles.. back to birthin the rocks then repeat. COME TO FIND OUT.. there is a 1% chance when you take the medications they give me for shingles, that you develop kidney stones. WELL Im an EQUAL symptom person and DO NOT want to miss out on a single one, I want to be SURE I have effectivly experienced as many side effects as humanly possible, while taking these medications. Funny thing, most of the lupus sufferers/survivors I speak with have the same issues. They also, once they get shingles, dont just have them ONE TIME and then its done NOOOOOOO we have to keep getting them over and over to be sure we get all the scars that are possible and ruin whats left of their teeth, so we resemble a sherk/quassimotto type creature. So anyway now you know where I have been and why I have not graced your presence online that much. I did take a couple pics yesterday though.
Which yesterday, was a ground breaking day in the Jones household. I DROVE MY CAR for the first time since.... any one? anyone wanna guess? SINCE BEFORE HALLOWEEN. ::pause for the omg your kidding me's:: yes Im serious. Someone asked me recently what kinda gas mileage my camry is getting and do I have it broken in good. I have to just laugh because my reply was IT GETS GREAAAAT gas mileage errr.. if you leave it in the garage!
The medications they have had me on made me dizzy and that foggy feeling where you turn your head and everything kinda goes blurry and trails off in the distance. I figured Mobile, Alabama had enough issues on the road without adding THAT to it. SO I following my dr's instructions. STAYED MY TAIL AT HOME and DIDNT GO NOWHERE hardly and SURE DIDNT DRIVE! I have 5 more weeks I have to stay away from anyone that might even look like they have any sort of cooties and stay Infection free. CANNOT risk getting a cold even with all I have had going on.
Yesterday I had not much choice. John got called out to Poplarville Mississippi which essentially you go to the end of the earth, take a sharp left. go 3 miles past hell and you will see the driveway for it. They had 4 servers go down (hit by lightening) from all the storms that have been coming through. So I tried to call around to some of the ones on the list that are able to pick Bella up. No answer. Well I have been off this medication a day so I feel ALOT better. I think I have passed all the stones, Im sore like after you have given birth to a rock band, but other than that. I think I should be able to drive. Took me 10 minutes to find my keys. I was an OVERLY cautious driver. I have to say IT felt good to get out. baby steps yall baby steps!
Bella and I came home and we FINISHED cleaning up the house. I haven't done crapp hardly around here. The sound of the vaccum on this medication sends me into orbit. Anything loud like if you turn the tv on the wrong channel and the tv volume is up to loud. Omgosh it is like someone is driving 3 foot pins through my ears and brain while freddy krugar drags his nails across a chalk board. The dr said it is a common symptom from having the scar tissue around my ear drum.. things sound different and effect me differently now. My equilibrium is still bad off but I dont get dizzy like before THANK YOU LORD!!
So we did that, got that all picked up. We painted fingernails, we cooked dinner (spaghetti and ketchup.. dont ask , I didnt eat it. she wanted it, That has to be a JONES thing. I don't remember eating weird crapp like that) I guess a better description would be a bowl of ketchup with a noodle or two floating around in it. yeah, you just got the visual in your head didn't you? sorry about that.
So supper was done, we cleaned up, we vaccumed. Yeah I actually vaccumed without wishing death on the makers of hoover. WHY they don't come out with a SILENT vaccum cleaner I dunno. We braided hair and played with barbies. Bella set up a picnic for her babies on the freshly vaccumed field, I mean carpet. Where she served them a hearty snack of Cheetos. I wasn't invited because I was a "people." This party was for hard babies (barbie dolls) animals and soft babies (baby dolls) I told her what if I was a soft people? she wasn't buyin it. OH WELL!
John got home a little before 7 and finished up his tickets for the day. I told him I was going to lay down for just a few minutes I was havin a "sinker" which means not feelin great all of a sudden.
Next thing I know.. IT's 3 30 A.M. I thought it was still the night before. Don't you hate it when that happens. I look around and no John, No Bella. What in the world. They were sacked out in mid sleep on the couch. I hated to wake them up because if you do,' going back to sleep isnt always easy. SO there I left them peacefully dreaming while cartoons played in the background.
I did get a page done for the crop we are having at Iscrap this weekend. I also finished a page for the Challenge Blast that is taking place from the 18th to the 25th at next week. You may want to check out the store while you are there. She is running a massive sale clearing out the store getting ready for CHA next month. If you are a hobby enthusiast you will know that is the craft and hobby associations release of new products. IT is what alot of scrapbookers live for. I am still trying to catch up from last CHA myself!! I have so many things I have to catch up on. Christmas totally threw me for a loop this year. WE just finished our last Christmas party and got our tree and decorations down THIS WEEK. Now I have to get my game face back on and get stuff done. ANYWAY check those 2 places out if your looking for inspiration. LOTS of fun challenges and prizes coming up!
Hope you have a Great day and get to take a photo. Be sure and point me to your blog in the comments if you update and add a photo so I can leave ya some lovin' I am behind on blogs as well as forums ::yikes::
Maybe I can stay caught up for a while and this will be behind us.


Betty said...

Hanging there, God has his plan and he is the only one who knows why?. Don't forget that our beauty is inside. I will keep you in my prayers

DebW said...

Zoom, zoom, zoom!! that's you in the car!! Glad you got out and enjoyed it!! Love the picnic on your freshly vacuumed carpet!! Sweet Bella! What a gem!

rhonda said...

I'm not doing too well at a Pic a day either...but there's always tomorrow...right?!

Glad you seem to be feeling a little better...