Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Challenge for Sept 1

WOW 3 posts for today IM like killin some record or something. HA! Anyway Scrap that moments blog challenge for the day is to list our accomplishments for August and Project some things we want done for September....errrr well OK ILL TRY.
AUGUST was an elsucko month for me. I had my hysterectomy (that wasnt the suck part the recovery was) so I am behind on everything.
BUT ,I DID manage to get a page published in Scrapstreet magazine, a page publihsed in Hobby Lobby magazine for next quarter (4th quarter) and 2 projects published in scrappy chick magazine (wheheheww) and found out that I can still make the Tray for Legacy and the other decorating magazine whew!
I didn't get picked for a design team I thought I wanted on. (That is sorta a YEAH cuz I thought I wanted on it but not so sure now)BUt ya know God always knows what he wants for us and who knows Maybe he wants me ON scrap that moments DT worse. LETS HOPE SO! I am so flippin nervous cuz there are 2 spots. 2. TWO, DOS, EL TWO OH, ONE TWO, 1 + 1 = 2, you get the picture. THere are some really good people that are up for it too. SO Im not gonna hold my breath.
I have my altered projects ready but Im nervous on my writing page. MY handwriting sucks. I did In between having the hysterectomy and all the other drama this month had got some pages done.
They are in previous posts on my blog I wont bore you with more photos of them.

What are my goals for Sept. Hmmm
FInish healing without incident (that is huge for me to say)
I want to get all my projects to the best of my ablility done for the scrap that moment competition.
I want to work on getting Bella's book updated I have just a couple pages I need to do.
Decide on our Christmas card and start on them get the photograph we need etc. Have to have a family pic done but I MUST HAVE MY DENTAL RECONSTRUCTION FIRST. I REFUSE to have pics made while I look like a redneck jack o lantern. THANK YOU DR anesthesiology dude. I know they saved my life and all but dang did ya have to knock out all my teeth or portions of them?
FINISH MY SCRAP ROOM, or at least put a bigger dent in it..... I have to finish painting in here and get it organized. I am going with the WINNIES WALLS pallette. LOVE IT! My FAVORITE PAPER OF MEGA ALL TIMES.
Wanna pull up the carpet and put down pergo also. or at least something besides carpet OK that one can drape over to October November as well cuz IT aint gonna happen ,all that, this month yall!!
I want more pages published! I got to get my mo jo goin!
Keep up with bloggin'
and I dunno that is enough for now.
What about yall what are your progressions for this past month? what goals do you have for next month?


Rene said...

You go Nancy! I swear, you accomplished so much in the past month even with everything you've been through! You're my idol!!! =)

Good luck with your September goals. You know that we will all be here cheering you along.

PS - how in the world did they mess up your teeth? I'm so confused about that!!!

Jocelyn said...

Oh Nancy Doll!

You can continue to brighten my day girl! You keep plugging along.

Thanks for playing with us and keep blogging!

your girl chelsea morning said...

"hello, my name is nancy jones--I am a super hero--I have a cape and all to prove see, most women can barely manage to do a couple scrapbook pages here and there and run their household, but I, Nancy Jones-Super Hero, have a hysterectomy, take care of my family, due layouts, and get them published all in the same month.........."EAT THAT MARTHA STEWART!"

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Nancy you must be high on your pain killers. No human is this energetic after EVERYTHING you have been through. You have the best attitude of anyone I know.
Keep it up girlfriend.