Saturday, September 02, 2006

80's flashback

Today its all about the 80's at scrap that moment. We are havin a flashback weekend. I keep thinking about the 80's that is when I was in high school/college towards the ends and what were my favorite movies and things. Our blog challenge for today is a list of 80's questions. I hope I remembered them all lol

Favorite 80's tv show: Solid Gold (I so wanted to be a solid Gold dancer and my grand ma would fuss saying WHY ALL THEY DO IS WALLER ALL OVER THE FLOOR what do you wanna do that for? but we knew cool people wallered huh!) Dukes of Hazard omgosh we lived for Friday nights to watch dukes, dallas and falcon crest, saved by the bell on saturdays, square pegs, the after school specials ... the one where my friend likes to drink should I tell my parents? rofl so lame, Roseanne (i still love that show) mad about you I think that was more early 90's but I LOvE this show still. I cant remember all the tv shows we didnt get to watch THAT much tv we only had 13 channels WITH cable. HAHAHA

Favorite 80's movie On man who could forget TOP GUN, Pretty in pink, The breakfast club, Beetle juice, BILL AND TED's EXCELLENT adventure, Weird science,Beverly hills cop, Sixteen candles, SAY ANYTHING (who can forget that scene holding the stereo above his head omg) RISKY BUSINESS (old time rock and roll man!) Revenge of the nerds, Purple rain (love me some prince) One Crazy Summer, Body guard (I LOVE that soundtrack still),Indiana Jones (I LOVE HIM still) GHOSTBUSTERS! IVE been slimed! Caddyshack... national lampoon movies rocked! WHO can forget ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW OH I loved these!
There are just too many to name for there to be a favorite.. I STILL love the movies from the 80's

Favorite music: OH man I LOVED metal but I loved teen rock too I loved it all from the bangals to Tesla to ratt to bon jovi to Motley crue man Im still a metallica fan but I was a closet country buff (thanks mom) I LOVE george strait always have always will. White snake. guns and roses, Def leopard (the VERY FIRST video I ever saw on Mtv was Rock of ages LOVE that song still) I love def leopard man. So many memories ::sigh:: we walked like an egyption, we loved rock and roll, Pat benatar was the coolest ever, TONE Loc funky colmadina (sp) freak a zoid come on and wind me up! No parkin baby.. no parkin on the dance floor, WORD UP! its the code word! HEY HEY YOU YOU get in to my car! GHOST BUSTERS!!!! LIKE A VIRGIN, Material girl! 99 luft balloons! Paula Abdul, BIlly IDOL, Cinderella, Van Halen, MORE than words, NElson, TED NUGENT, Drivin and cryin!, DEVO, axel rose was the most awesome ever! PARADISE CITY!!!I love all music even back then.

Favorite fashions: Oh who doesnt remember the preppy izods with the collar turned up, oxford cloth shirts, tapered leg jeans rolled tight and up at the bottom, leg warmes, scrunchies, BRIGHT neon colors, big huge over size sweat shirts that draped off the shoulder, fish net shirts over shirts, metallic clothing, spandex EVERYTHING, parachute pants (omgosh I cant believe I owned these) my pride and joy ... My boy george shirt with the great big numbers in neon colors.. Im still trying to find the photo...

BIG hair big geometric shaped earrings in big bold colors,
WOW what memories.... I really hope these styles dont come back My hair will never be the same I think all that mousse and hair gel damaged my follicles.

Remember the atari and the Commodor 64 computer that you had to type in 3 years of paragraphs just to see a rocket ship on the screen, what about rubiks cubes? pet rock? Shuan Cassidy EVERYTHING. from clothes to book bags I had his face on my jean back pocket and my jacket and a t shirt and everything I could find shuan cassidy. AND ROB LOWE I had the hunky poster on my wall. LOVED him.

What about you? what were your favorite things about the 80's? what do you remember most?


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I loved all those bold colors!!! And of course the big hair.

Jocelyn said...

OMG Nancy! That's right all those things you mentioned, how could I forget! I also loved, loved oh shoot, what was that TV show where they all lived in a cul de sac with Val Ewing? Oh darn...I know as soon as I finish typing this I'll get it! But anywho, I also loved the Bee Gees and who can forget Saturday Night sex ed class! That was how my parents talked to me about the birds and the bees! LOL! Oh, to be younf again!!!!!! Missing the 80's!!!!

Jocelyn said...

I knew I'd remember --- it was "KNOT'S LANDING!"

Jaci said...

My 20 year reunion is this year so I've been thinking a lot about the 80's lately! LOL! Thanks for another trip down memory lane! :)