Sunday, September 03, 2006


FRUSTRATION OVERWHELMS ME.... The cutest little girl about 3 said that to her mom one day when I was in target and she had a stuffy nose when she said it, so, it sounded even cuter. I couldn't contain my laughter at such a huge statement coming from something so small.
BUT that is the complete way I felt today. Today would have been my dad's birthday. I know some are like get over it already Nancy it has been 11 years but trust me... it still burns hard. TO have the anniversary of his murder then have his birthday right together... well I guess it really doesnt matter what day it is. It will still hurt. BUT I had nightmares last night.. again and weeping and bad week and just ready to get well. I am happy my mom is here with us though. I hate her spending these anniversarys alone so far away from us.

My sweet hubby.. yes the one I could choke sometimes esp when he puts zuchini beside my meat on the grill (hahaha) but other times I cry cuz he can be so sweet..anyway MR great intention and man with so many brownie points right now... was gonna get me the cricuit from Micheals. ::insert huge smile and clapping hands and smiley Nancy:: They had this big coupon event whatever... we get there (I still look like Michelin man mind you from my surgery and Im grinning with my redneck jack o lantern/David Letterman smile I have right now) and we are greeted by a HUGE SIGN SAYing CRICUIT IS NOT INCLUDED IN LABOR DAY DISCOUNT COUPON EVENT... well just tee tee in my cheerios why DONT YOU!!! SO he said "OK, go find you some sizzix dies you want. you dont have to tell me twice IM going OK.. Go over to get some... NOTTA all the cool ones I want ... gone... SO Im like what is up with my karma today! GO to get the advertised 10 for a buck paper (kelly pannacci rocks !) NOPE only on clearance paper... what is the clearance paper you ask.. I DID!! .. Harley Davidson paper is all they have left... ughm... no.. THen I round the corner.. they have the crop a dile. I have it in my hand gonna get it... witch with a B who is following me to tee tee in my cheerios says Oh YOU Cant use your coupon on that... it is marked wrong that is discounted 2 bucks... coupon isnt applicable... YES !I almost used the crop a dile to indent her face...but I didnt. She was so snotty about it. AND mind You I STILL look like the Michelin man so I KNOW with my teeth jacked up and my hugeness I was a site to reckon with. SO I am almost in tears hubby says "CHIPBOARD! you love chipboard and Im like HE heeee HE hee Yes egor I love chipboard point me da way master! SO we get to the making memories section... ahhhhh they have it THE new release chipboard ... LAAAAaaaa! angels sang THANK YOU For this gift. I got some of that and the sparkly my minds eye (which will so go with the paper that will be here any day see previous posts yipppeee) letters and the velvet words that are so stinkin cute and a very nice set of ZIG writers to practice my handwriting for that design team entry (Im so not happy to write do you hear me!!!) but at least I have rockin pens to write horribly with now. I got some provo craft chipboard (have you all seen this? It is so flippin coool, comes in the cutest container I got like ALL the colors cuz well... Im a nut.) I got some things to alter and SOMETHING THAT is so stinkin cool I just cant contain myself but YOU WILL have to wait till the entry for the contest to see it... YOU ARE GONNA FLIP OVER cuz it is so cute. SO that was it.. OH I got some Jolees little school thingys to finish my clipboards for untamed. I didnt do too bad. Used my coupons and cried and said Happy Birthday to my daddy... I miss you and I love you and I wish you were here to play with us today but we celebrated at Micheals. My hubby rocks.. HE IS SOOOO gettin some when I get well!! (yeah I know thanks for sharing huh)

BY THE WAY I do have some happy news.. My good friend KIM.. (scraptomylu) HER BIRTHDAY IS TODAY.. SO go attack her blog and say Happy Birthday to her! SHe is just the coolest even for an old broad hAHAHAHAH muuuuuah! HOpe you have a good one chick!

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Nancy, after we chatted, my girlfriend said that QVC has a deal with the cricut with a special cartridge you can't get elsewhere. She said it's only about $30 more than getting it on sale.