Monday, September 04, 2006

A project and a holiday

NOt a great photo but you can kinda get the idea. I also hadd a couple more litlte embellies to it. an apple, some crayons and a litlte book that has ABC on it. You can see the finished product In this months VIEW at Untamed Scrapper.... on the 15th. We are doing a quick BACK TO SCHOOL themed view on Gifts for the Teachers, What to do with all those papers sent home from school ( I need this article bad) and some really cute School pages and ideas.

Well I havn't seen the kitty cat this morning. I went out to check on it. I pray it made its way back home. I tried till 10:30 last night to find its owners but no luck. Poor thing. I felt sorry for it but I couldn't close it up in the garage with it being so hot. I can't leave the garage door open we get critters (stray cats, doges etc.. and unwelcomed PEOPLE coming into our garage, yeah there was a robbery in the neighborhood not too far back from us so we keep it down now) If we all weren't allergic I may have kept it. I just hope it finds its rightful home. We opened at can of dog food for it and it looked at us like UGHM hello? DID I bark? and swished it's tail... John looked at me as if to say YUP it's a female cat but didn't dare say it.. (he is in a house fulll of women so that would be smart) Hope you have a great labor day today. Im going to Labor some more in my scrap room. I want to get more stuff organized so I can get these projects done easier and I can find things. Months of laying stuff wherever is just not getting it. NOT to mention little bit getting in here and investigating the scene and having too much fun occasionally!

What are your plans for labor day today?


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This turned out so darn cute N! I love it!