Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Anticipation ...todays blog challenge

Todays Blog challenge is about ANTICIPATION. I did this page several weeks ago but thought I would pull it up again. Bella was having a hard time learning about anticipation. She gets it kinda honest I lack alot in the patience department. It is a little better. I have learned alot from Bella. She is MY CHILD so you know she is gonna be a handfull. She was wanting to go swimming and use her new zoey float SOOo bad, but.. it was raining. She was so sad she didn't understand and she wanted it NOW. She just stared out willing it to stop raining before it got dark but nope didn't happen. SHe had to wait an entire day to use her Zoey float.

Today Im still waiting to get well...I wanna hurry up and do it. I keep having minor set backs. Like yesterday when Bellas Knee collided with my tummy. She forgets I KNOW and wants to crawl all over me and jump and play but she is so rough. I tried to catch her in time but 35 lbs came crashing into my incision site and OH man.. I called the dr on call being it a lovely holiday and this smart person says OH you will be fine ... just walk some and it will feel better... DID HE HAVE the correct patient? Walk some? Oh ok...
UGHMmM not a good answer for me. SO I was feeling better after taking my last pain pill last night and then 2 tylenol before bed and was actually doing ok this morning. Nothing hurt real bad still really really swollen so, we go to hobby lobby cuz I needed to pick up the rest of what I am working on for the DT entry for stm. I walked to that isle and got that then went and looked for SHerriffs dept. embelishements or paper or anything (Thank you to all who have commented and offered places that have sherriiff dept scrap things for me I so appreciate your help) but all they had was police blue things and well.. that just wont work always. It is kinda a insult to put POLICE on DEPUTY stuff to them. Even though my dad isnt here he wouldnt like that. SO anyway I tried. SO Im waiting on that too. I need to just design me some and be done with it. SO ANYWAY NOW I get home and Im swollen up like I am about 6 months prego and discharge so Im like OWWwwww. I call ... get the nurses answering machine.

What are you waiting on today? What do you Anticipate? Respond by clicking on that little button that says RESPOND and let me know :)


Jaci said...

Sorry you're still feeling yucky! Don't rush it! It will come.
Love the LO. Those colors are awesome.
As for me, I'm waiting to get well too. Been waiting for a few years now so I don't know how realistic it is to still be waiting but...still hoping I guess :)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

poor little Bella, she only want's to play! :) Great layout.

Would you take it easy girl?!!! Sheesh!