Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Todays blog challenge

** FIrst off GO LOOK at my friend Jeanne blog. SHe did a page with Bella on it and IT is soooooo flippin' cute! I am so happy! That made my day!! Thank you Jeanne YOU ROCK SISTA!!

TOdays blog challenge from scrapthatmoment is : what t shirt slogan best suits you....


The other one is a shirt I am wearing right now.... BE nice to me.. OR I will crop you out of my scrapbook!

Those are my two favorite shirt phrases today... Not feelin too hot so no major details...

I feel like crapp. My butt hurts. My stomach hurts where my incision was/is whatever. Dr hasnt called back I know they are really busy but dang Tylenol aint cuttin this. I went to bed at 6:30 well between 6 and 6:30 last night that is how crummy I felt. BUT the down side... John is in Mississippi today so if they tell me to come in... I dunno what IM gonna do I cant drive today... My neighbor almost cut her finger off so she is drugged up good. SO ... I guess IM stuck. Crappy day what can I say.

IM through fussin now so Im gonna go lay back down and cry.

**update** Dr did call me back (thanks steph!) my friend put a fire under um I guess she could tell since it has been three days and the front desk kept giving me answering machines.. NOT their fault I know but anyway they said it sounds like a stitch came loose or something of the sort. Calling me in something for now and IF no better (my dr is out till friday) TO call first thing on Friday... DON'T worry IF it still hurts like this friday I will just be there when they get there. Im gonna put a cage around me so bella cant tigger pounce me when she comes home from school anymore.


your girl chelsea morning said...

oh my dear nancy----I wish I was there to make you some all natural home-made noodle soup and take care of you--and I'd call the doctor's office for you and tell them where to stick their "busy" line.....they can make the moms who bring their kid in at any sign of a've got real issues--so they better make time for you--or I'll come down there and smash some heads!

*Jeanne* said...

Thanks for your sweet comments N! If I was there I would help you out anyway I could. Sure love hearing your voice everyday.. Hope I put a smile on your face when you call.


GET better Already would you? lol

Susie said...

Hope things speed up and you are soon feeling terrific!!

Carole Janson said...

I loved your layout anticipation, great colours looks awesome, and your little clipboard is just gorgeous. I hope you feel better soon, you don't sound to good.

Jeanne's layout was amazing, loved it, she is one talented lady, just like all of you over there in the USA (over the pond).

Have a great weekend
Best Wishes