Friday, September 08, 2006

A shout out across the big pond...

I fell asleep with the Aussies last night... and I don't mean my Austrailian Shepherd Guido (Gwee-dough) haha. I was on my best pal Jeanne's blog (have I mentioned how much her latest pages ROCK! and not just cuz my little princess's picture is on one of them hehe!) and also AN amazing artist (she is way more than a scrapper) Carole's Blog, and I wandered onto several people she has listed on the side of hers . I am here to tell you people... THEM AUSSIES are amazing! The elements of design they use on their pages,oh man! It is unreal. Over here we push product, product and more product. The more stuff the better. HEY I will be the first to say I LOVE as much of the stuff as the next scrapper. But, they use so much creative thought and using the paper and taking things from it and making it just a masterpiece explosion. I couldn't sleep I had so many ideas running through my head My hands couldn't keep up. This is not your "slap and stick" style scrappin' It requires alot of thought about placement, making sure each piece goes into its special place like a song flowing across your paper. I always looked at some of the articles where they discuss making your eye FLOW throughout the page and I was thinking "yeah, whatever.... ISNT she cute? look at this photo! This process takes these precious photos to an ENTIRE new level. I am totally hooked, line and sinker. I am becoming addicted to this way of scrapping and it has totally opened my eyes into a whole new array of possiblities. I cannot WAIT for you to see what I am working on. IT takes alot longer to make a page but it is so worth it.
I hope you guys are having a good friday. I have like a KABILLION projects due MONDAY. OK actually its only like 5 but it might as well be a kabillion. NO PRESSURE! I have been working hard, but havn't felt good so I am still kinda behind. I am working on it today hopefully to finish up final touches Sunday. whewhew. Godspeed and happy scrappin :)

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*Jeanne* said...

I told you where all the great amazing talent was across the pond! Just breath taking! Love those Aussie artists!