Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Sept 1st

NEW MONTH ALREADY?!?! WOW where did August go! Seems like it just started. THis is the time of year I love. It is almost fall. When the leaves start to turn, the air gets a little hint of new smell to it. The kids are running around in their new school clothes STILL fresh cuz they are new. DId you get back to school photos of your kids? I missed Bella's I was in bed. BUT I will get a photo of her and her new teacher soon. SHE LOVES her new teacher. I can tell also by all the things she comes home doing and saying. I cannot wait till I am better and can be more involved. You know men.. They tell us nothing. I have to find out whats going on from Bella or wait for a note to come home. THey just don't ask the same questions lol. I can't wait to get better and be the room mom. I can't wait to do the crafts with the kids. I just have to get the ok from my Rheumatologist I can do it. So we are praying hard about that.
We have alot going on at The Untamed Scrapper. The VIEW just came out. we have a wonderful edition this month I think you will really enjoy. We are getting a back to school one ready and with it I am doing alot of projects. My kid isnt even in school well REAL school she goes to pre school ( amazing what they teach these kids so young she can count in spanish and write her name I am just amazed) Makes ya feel dumb as a brick when you cant help your kid with homework when they get to 3rd grade cuz they passed your education level of college credits!!
Mama is coming down this weekend. THE huge anniversary of our church that I grew up in was this past sunday. SHe wanted me to attend but I just couldnt ride that far yet. THey also had a dedication service to my great aunt. SHe is one of the oldest living citizens/members of the church. Mom is bringing the photos and articles and we are going to do a book on it. THat is goign to be fun and I know she will love it. I love looking back at our church history and seeing all the names from many generations.
Well I still need to go work on my CHristmas entries for scrappy chick too. STILL not getting my groove on that but I had some inspiration earlier so I better work on it while it is still clicking.
Happy Sept. 1st

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