Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HIGH DRAMA in the JONES Residence this morning.....

Well day two is in progress of the Scrap that Moment THAT DESIGN TEAM Competition ... HERE is My entry for today's submission in the photography category. My scanner completely died so I had to take a digi photo so I don't think it looks as good as it should but with all that is going on today.... this is minor. I will try to make it look better later today I have too much right this minute. BUT ... Go take a look man there are some absolutly fabulous entries..not gonna hold my breath that I will get chosen. I know whomever they pick will be well worthy JUST LOOK at the entries (insert the smiley with bug eyes right here ahhhh!) SO MUCH TALENT! Its an honor to scrap with them!

We had high drama here this morning and last night. Bella is sick sick. SHe I THINK has a yeast/bladder infection and screamed and screamed and cried and I couldn't get the dr on call to call me. THen when he did call.. I might as well have walked outside and asked the tree cuz all he said was you will need to call back at 8 30 and make an appt. I told him her symptoms and she was SCREAMING in the background. The on call answering service lady helped more than the dr did. I did get some help from a few mommys that have been through this before and my big sis who is a former nurse in the female field (ob/gyn L and D) so she and the other stm girls and some of my Scrapfriendsy mommys really helped me out this morning. I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Our nerves were so frazzled and it is miserable when your baby is screaming MY BOOODY HURRRTTTS and screaming and crying and is unconsolable.

So anyway John is gone with her to the dr now. SO I have to get all the work I can get done for the VIEW at Untamed that is I have to finish up (bella redecorated the file folders I made with Ink last night now I know why she was so bad she didnt feel good) I have to refinish that and get them turned in and make the mini tag book that I just got the stuff for yesterday but will be easy to do get it photraphed and sent in and rock my baby the rest of the day.
Take care you guys and go check out those pages :)


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

Nancy!!! You must have been so frightened! I hope she is feeling better very soon. Hopefully you are getting the rest you know your body needs. If you could only have a dull moment. :)
Keep me posted. I'm off to see your entry.

Jaci said...

Aww, poor thing. I hope she feels better soon! Love your submission. Again, lot of luck!

Nicole Rayner said...

Hope she feels better real soon. Also love you work.
Good luck.